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About Artailer

Artailer is an expertly curated online art marketplace for original artworks - paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures. Our platform allows you to connect and buy the art you love directly from artists all over the world. Artailer also makes it possible for art enthusiasts like you to connect with the right artist who has the right skills to get anything you love painted, drawn or carved. 


The Team

Behind Artailer is a team of chronic art enthusiasts, who are dedicated to giving every art lover the opportunity to experience the joy of owning a well-priced authentic art piece; and determined to give talented artists the worldwide exposure they deserve. Our goal is to harness the power of modern technologies to provide you with a world-class 360-gallery experience at the comfort of your home or office. We work in close collaboration with every artist on Artailer.ca and put art enthusiasts just yourself, at the centre of the online art revolution with a consistent affordable portfolio of new, diverse and exciting contemporary art pieces from all over the world.


Artailer sit on these four Pillars

A Curated Environment

Artailer is a place where even individuals with little or no knowledge of art buying, collecting or investing, can buy their dream master art pieces with full confidence about the quality & story.

Happiness & Fun in Art Buying

We are breaking the barriers around buying original works of art, making the process hassle free and entertaining just like watching your favourite TV show.

Support Genuine Artistic Talents

Artailer gives the global stage to the artists who deserve it. Every artist we feature, artworks we showcase have been handpicked by a team of expert curators.

Discover the Art in You

An environment where everyone can discover and experience the fantastic art in themselves.


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