• Everything You Need To Know About The Abstract Art

      Abstract art is the outcome of a series of continuous defections from the strong belief held by the traditional institutions that art should represent things in the real world. An Abstract artist isn’t interested in depicting the world — a place, a person, or a mountain, in reality. As you’ll soon discover, artists who […]

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  • Capture_Artailer Blog_Selling Art Online

    Selling Art Online: The 10 Ultimate Mistakes to Avoid

      Since we published our last article on selling art online — How to sell art online and make money, questions have been pouring from artists trying to make it “big” from selling their art solely online. The art world is changing quickly. Today more and more artists are earning a living off of online […]

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  • printmaking-techniques-Artailer Blog-5

    The Top 9 Printmaking Techniques & Why They Are The Most Loved

      The invention of the earliest printmaking techniques changed the art world dramatically. Until the Chinese invented printing, each piece of printmaking art had to be painstakingly created by hand. The printmaking process allowed artists to create copies of a single design rather than create each new work from scratch. In the art world, the […]

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  • Capture - Artailer conceptual art movement-4

    Everything You Need To Know About The Conceptual Art Movement

    littl “Conceptual art questions the nature of art”. Tony Godfrey, 1998, Conceptual Art (Art & Ideas) One common problem people have when interacting with conceptual art is the way these forms of art violate expectations about what art is supposed to be like. Sounds crazy, right? Let’s break it all down. For many people, the […]

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  • 18 Affordable Custom Picture Framing Expert Shops In Toronto

    18 Affordable Custom Picture Framing Expert Shops In Toronto

      Maybe you have a gorgeous painting collecting dust in the closet. Maybe you have one up on the wall already, but with a basic frame that takes away from, rather than adds to the beauty of the picture. Or perhaps you have a friend or family member ready to graduate from university. Whatever your particular […]

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