Once I worked in a very positive and easy mood. An idea was spontaneous and has no details as well as no previous draw on the canvas. While I was painting the yellow background, some composition with purple, pink and red appeared in my mind. I found that result didn’t satisfy me after little working.

The more paints I used, the more I understood that I get not what I want. And finally, I decided to put the work off. So, I put my painting on the floor, and I wanted to throw it or wipe it out or something else because I dislike it. When I was sitting on the sofa near the lying canvas, the phone suddenly rang, so I jumped to answer and stepped on the work and even slid on the fresh paint, so I greatly smeared the painting. Then I hopped along to wash my foot. And when I came back I was astonished what is an excellent image appeared there!

There was a woman in fresh dress and a flower I wanted at the beginning and an image of the warlike girl who pointed somewhere in the distance. I quickly grabbed my brushes, colouring, palette and started to work again. I had been working day by day and the new idea, what occasionally arose, attracts me more and more. This work became the deep symbol of breakthrough, moving even after pauses when it seems that you have no wish and no energies.

It was like you reborn. Dominating colour is yellow as the sign of optimism. It shows us getting new ideas, new decisions and it helps to understand the different point of views. This colour puts feelings in motion, free of negative, often destroying self-confidence. Also, it promotes our self-organization and concentration, activates a brain-work. And jonquil yellow represents the freedom from pales.

Perhaps, from those pales before my sliding on the canvas. Different shades of purple and red with yellow admixture plays the role of our future. Blowing is that moment, that split of a second when you recognize fair wind blew, and you need to go ahead. This picture became my symbol. There are thoughts about free life without pales. Nothing happens occasionally, just look at yourself and feel that aura.
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