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Introduction to Contemporary Art Painting

It seems that human beings have always created art. Some would say that the creation of art is what defines us as a species. Art takes many forms, but the most iconic type of art is probably the painting. The word “artist” itself conjures images of a painter wearing a smock and carrying a pallet and brush. If you want to learn about art, you need to learn about painting.

From Ancient To Modern Art Painting

The oldest art paintings go back over 400 centuries into the past. Cave paintings have been found all over the world, scenes where humans took natural pigments that they found and smeared them on cave walls to create artistic images. We’re not sure why they did this, but it seems to show that humans have an innate need to paint. Since those ancient times, the art and science of painting have developed by leaps and bounds. Basic types of natural paints turned into processed oil paints. Then came water paints. Finally, there were the acrylic paints in the 20th century. Today it could be argued that painting has gone digital, as artists across the globe use computer programs like Photoshop, which can do a fantastic job of recreating the look and feel of traditional paint using pixels instead of pigments.

Types of Contemporary Art Paintings

Contemporary art painting can be broken down into many different categories, but the easiest to define are probably the distinct mediums. Paintings need to be made with paint, which is created by combining pigment with a binding agent. Today the most commonly used types of paints are Oil, Acrylic, Tempera, Gouach, Aerosol and Watercolour. Each has a different look and feel, anyone who wants to understand painting should start by looking into the differences between these mediums.

Some Famous Art Painters

Art painters are some of the most iconic and recognizable figures in human history, partly because they were able to capture images of themselves at times when there were no cameras. Leonardo da Vinci defined the Renaissance with his paintings, sculptures, and inventions. Vincent van Gogh unlocked the expressive potential of art painting by creating a new and impressionistic style of painting. Pablo Picasso pushed things even further as he birthed the Cubist movement which brought art into the modern world. Andy Warhol combined fine art and pop culture to break down barriers and cause people to question what art was on a worldwide scale. These are just some of the great painters who defined human history, listing all of them would take a lifetime.

Some Famous Art Paintings

It’s hard to pick a few paintings that definite how the medium as a whole has shaped art and humanity. Still, one stands out. The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous painting ever created. More people flock to the Louvre in Paris than just about any other art museum, and the Mona Lisa is the crowning jewel of that great museum. Something about the Mona Lisa seems to speak to people, even if they can’t put the feeling it creates into words. That’s why it has become something of an icon, one painting that represents all paintings. Other great pieces include the Sistine Chapel, Starry Night, and Guernica.

Art Paintings
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