Aerosol Paintings

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Original Aerosol Paintings

You might know aerosol paint better by its more common term, spray paint. It’s paint that comes in the same sort of cans used in hairspray and applied using similar techniques. This is a relatively new medium that is used more in popular art than fine art, but with every day it’s more and more accepted by the establishment. Still, there’s a raw and exciting edge to aerosol art that stands in stark contrast to the older mediums.

Painting As Performance Art

Most of the time the act of painting is a very private thing. Even when art is being created in public, the artist behind the work usually tries to downplay what they are doing. Aerosol art is often created in very different circumstances. Aerosol artists take their cues from buskers, the musicians who perform in busy public areas to try and make their living by capturing the attention of passers-by. Painters who are skilled with a can of aerosol paint can captivate the public by quickly creating beautiful paintings with vibrant colours and skilful gradients. You might not be able to see the physical creation of the piece if you buy your aerosol painting after the fact, but there’s something about the medium that captures the motion of its creation even after the fact.

Aerosol Paint Techniques

Applying spray paint requires different techniques than working with mediums like oil and acrylic. Overall the application techniques can be divided into two categories, freehand or aided. Freehand is where the painter simply takes the can and starts spraying, adjusting pressure and distance to change the application. Aided spray painting is where stencils are employed to guide the application of the paint. The stencils can be carefully crafted or created from temporary materials like cardboard and tape. Complicated aerosol paintings might be made with dozens of different stencils and colours being used to create a highly layered final piece.

Famous Aerosol Painters

Most people are introduced to works of aerosol paint by witnessing the relatively anonymous pieces put up on walls by graffiti artists, but with time many who work in the medium have earned acclaim in the worlds of popular and fine art. In fact, many of these artists started by doing graffiti before going legitimate. Richard “Seen” Mirando is one of these artists. He was around at the birth of the graffiti movement in the Bronx back in the seventies and eighties but now he his work hangs up in galleries in London, Paris, and Tokyo. But one artist who has stuck to his guerilla roots is Banksy, the mysterious artist who has changed the shape of the art world with his highly political and iconic works of graffiti. The most amazing thing about him is that even though he has created some of the most famous works of modern art in existence, we still don’t know his real name, though there are many guesses.

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