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  • Greenland


    Winter landscape.Watercolor on paper

  • New Home

    New Home

    New Home

  • Wild life

    Wild life

    This is a oil on canvas painting inspired from wil

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  • Harvest Time

    Harvest Time

    Old barns and buildings in an autumn farm setting.

  • The Shallows

    The Shallows

    Where the heavy rocks meet the shoreline on Georgi

  • Melt Away

    Melt Away

    Strong snow patterns in ploughed farmers field cre

  • Early Morning

    Early Morning

    Morning light on a snow field filled with branches

  • Ghost Mill

    Ghost Mill

    An old weathered mill perfectly blending into a wi

  • Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze

    Late afternoon light shining on a half snowy field

  • March Thaw

    March Thaw

    An interesting pattern of old dead trees and snow

  • Northern Thames

    Northern Thames

    Thames river is calmly meandering through the coun

  • Going There

    Going There

    Backroad leading to somewhere unknown.

  • Hidden Place

    Hidden Place

    Old abandoned house nestled deep in the woods.

  • Rains End

    Rains End

    Reflective puddles left behind after a heavy rain.

  • Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom

    Maitland river flowing around worn down rocks.

  • Down Stream

    Down Stream

    Fallen down tree over a steam after a storm.

  • Last Century

    Last Century

    Old farm house near the end of winter.

  • Over the Hill

    Over the Hill

    Uphill country dirt road with remnants of snow and

  • Breaking Through

    Breaking Through

    Winter stream flowing through snow covered fields.

  • Reaching Out

    Reaching Out

    Old textured trees in the foreground with reflecti

  • Open Space

    Open Space

    Snow covered back road with tire tracks.

  • What was Once

    What was Once

    Old weathered abandoned house in a rural farm sett

  • Last Stance

    Last Stance

    Melting snow in the last days of March out in the

  • Stillness


    Patterns of snow on a large tree in the foreground

  • new
    Free Flowing

    Free Flowing

    Stream capturing the reflection of the sky, contra

  • new
    First Light

    First Light

    Early morning sunlight shining on the snow covered

  • new
    Mysterious Windows

    Mysterious Windows

    Two intriguing mysterious windows on the side of a

  • new
    Hidden barn main image

    Hidden Barn

    A hidden counrty barn with trees in the foreground

  • new


    Bright morning light shinning on a white country h

  • Still Life with a Bottle

    Still Life with a Bottle

    Still Life with a Bottle, Watercolor, paper

  • Greenland


    Watercolor, paper

  • City Ride

    City Ride

    City Ride

  • Konkan House

    Konkan House

    Konkan House

  • Welcome to the House

    Welcome to the House

    Welcome to the home




Introduction to Watercolour Painting

Paintings come in different categories, but watercolour might be the most iconic. The look achieved by using watercolour is unique. It’s a delicate style that needs to be carefully shaped. The paint seeps into the canvas or paper so that they become one, creating a unity that is rare among other paintings. It’s easy to look at watercolour art paintings and like them, but if you want to appreciate them, you need to take a look at this category of art painting on a deeper level.


Development of Watercolour Painting

Watercolour painting is one of the oldest types of painting that is still in use today. This is because of its simplicity. Other paints like Pastel and Oil, are created by combining the paint pigment with a binding solution. With watercolour paint, the binding solution is water. Watercolour techniques have been used since the days of ancient cave paintings. It’s important to note that as humans migrated across the globe, this technique of art painting took different forms. In Asia, there wasn’t a distinction between ink brush painting and watercolour, with black and brown pigments dominating. In Europe, the pieces created using watercolour tended to be more colourful. While the basics of watercolour painting haven’t changed much, there have been more and more synthetic pigments employed in style, allowing for more affordable access to every colour imaginable.

Watercolour Painting Technique

Anyone can paint using watercolours but it takes a skilled hand and sharp mind to create the sort of results achieved by the most famous watercolour artists. The medium isn’t forgiving, just a drop of water can rehydrate the paint and extract the pigment from the paper. This is good for making alterations, but it also means you have to be very careful if you don’t want to undo all the work you’ve done. One of the first things a someone new to watercolour painting needs to know is that you can achieve different results by using different amounts of water. The more water is used, the thinner and more delicate the art will be, while less water means darker and more permanent colours. Combining these different levels of water with pigment defines the most basic watercolour techniques. You can paint dry-on-dry, wet-on-wet, dry-on-wet, or wet-on-dry. Every combination is available, and the best watercolour artist needs to master each approach.

Some Famous Watercolour Artists

The German artists Albrecht Durer is most well known for his prints, but he also used watercolour to create some incredibly beautiful and delicate paintings. Paul Klee brought watercolour paintings into the world of modern art by using the medium to create abstract works that touched on modern themes like Cubism. Georgia O’Keefe combined modern abstraction with traditional natural scenes to create watercolour depictions of flowers that have become well known across the globe.

Watercolour Paintings
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