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For as long as humans have been creating art they have strived to recreate the world around them. Even at the height of the Renaissance, the great artists were able to get close to total realism, but they would more often than not fall short in some ways. Even when an almost exact recreation of reality was produced it would take the artist an incredibly long time to create. Photography took the world by storm; it allowed people to capture reality with incredible accuracy at high speeds. Still, when the photographic process was invented, it was costly, and so most people would only get one chance to own a photograph and therefore chose to invest in photographs of family members. Still, for those that could afford it, artistic photographic prints became popular, and their draw only grew with time. Now anyone can afford art prints, but few appreciate the history behind the artistic photograph.

History of Art Prints

Photographers have always looked for ways to create multiple copies of their work, altering their images as they see fit along the way. They found that this could be done by taking the original image captured by the camera and exposing it to specially created contact paper. This would create a copy of the original image which could then be processed to alter the image. The creation of this process was slow and involved plenty of trial and error, but over time printers found a range of different chemicals and techniques that could create the images they wanted. From the very first daguerreotypes to gelatin silver prints, and finally, modern digital printing, the art print creation process has enjoyed one of the art world’s most fascinating histories.

How Art Prints Are Made Today

Today art prints are made using a very different process than in the old days. Digital files have replaced the old photographic negatives. While some artists are still sticking with the traditional medium when creating art, they’ll often turn to digital printing if they need to create a large and affordable run of prints. These digital printers can use some techniques to turn a series of ones and zeros into a physical image, but the most commonly used technology is probably laser printing. This technology uses lasers to draw images on papers, creating positive and negative charges that will attract ink particles to the exact area that they need to be. This creates highly precise images that can stand up alongside any traditionally created print.

Some Famous Art Photographers

Photographers have helped shape the way that we see the world. One of the most important names is Ansel Adams, who helped to revive interest in nature with his photographs of national parks across the US. Dorothea Lange documented the struggles of average Americans during the Great Depression by getting up close and delivering an unflinching depiction of real life. Jay Maisel is a modern artist who is known for finding the abstract beauty in the hustle and bustle of cities across the globe. These three are just the tip of the iceberg, but they will give you a good sense of what good photography can do.

Art Prints
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