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Colour Art Prints

For the vast majority of humans, colour is a defining part of our life. Unless you’re truly colour blind, you rely on colour to inform you about all sorts of things. Just imagine your drive to work, how much harder would stoplights be if you couldn’t differentiate red, yellow, and green? So, it only makes sense that artists have always wanted to create colour images, but in the first days of photography, this was an almost impossible task. But with time, effort, and plenty of trial and error the process was perfected.

The Struggle to Create the Colour Art Print

You might be surprised to know that colour printing was developed within just a few decades of the invention of the black and white photograph. Unfortunately, the original chemicals that were discovered required days’ worth of exposure and would still produce mediocre images. With time filmmakers found that they could combine different kinds of photosensitive chemicals. This way different chemicals would react with different colours. Usually, three different layers are combined, each representing a different spectrum. When combined they would ultimately create perfect recreations of the real colours found in front of the lens. We have a surviving three-colour photograph that was created in 1861, but it took time for the technology to develop and spread. Even then it was still expensive. The original might be taken in colour but when it was time to make prints black and white was so much cheaper than it was a no-brainer. But as science marched on colour prints became more and more affordable. Now colour photography is the rule rather than the exception.

Creating a Modern Colour Print

Today colour prints are created using the latest technology available. While there are still some who use the old processes, most prints are created using printers. These machines convert the ones and zeros that makeup computer files into colour particles that are attached to paper and sealed to create incredibly accurate physical recreations of digital images. One interesting thing about the process is that most prints are created by using just a handful of colours. A printer will usually create the full range of colours you see by mixing cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. That’s right, thousands of colours are created from just four. It’s based on the same principles painters use. Yellow and blue make green, blue and red make purple, and red and yellow make orange. Laser printers create a static attraction which draws in colour particles to make sure every colour is perfectly mixed and placed to create a perfect print. While some may lament the passing of the old techniques, the fact is that the modern printing process is a technological marvel.

Colour Art Prints
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