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People with just a passing knowledge of photography often assume that photography is the art of capturing the world as it is seen with the naked eye. It’s like the camera is the photographer's eye and a photograph is a frozen moment in time. This is a misunderstanding. The big problem with this is that imagery is highly subjective, that’s why people can look at a photo of a dress and disagree about what colour it is. Also, cameras don’t work quite like human eyes, and so photos always have to be altered to create an image that looks the way a photographer thinks it should look. Some manipulations are simple, while others are complex.

Why Artists Manipulate Photographic Prints

Artists manipulate photos for a wide range of reasons. The most common reason is dissatisfaction with the original image, as it was copied. Even skilled photographers can produce images that are too light or too dark. At one time this meant that the photograph was worthless, but pretty soon after the invention of photographic prints, artists found that by using different chemicals and techniques they could alter the image as it changed from a negative into print. Now every photographer manipulates their images in subtle ways, while others dramatically change photos. Just search for before and after images of models. Airbrushing became popular early on to remove wrinkles and create a perfect skin. Now photographers can use computer programs to transform the way models look completely. Sometimes they want to create changes that are invisible while others manipulate images to create surreal images that capture a world that the most basic forms of photography could never capture. Every artist has a goal they are trying to achieve with their art and by manipulating their images they have more power to achieve their goal.

How Artists Create Manipulated Prints

Photo manipulation goes back to the earliest days of photography. One of the earliest forms of photo manipulation was taking a print and painting on it to create colour images. Soon artists found that they could use different chemicals during the printing process to change the way an image looked. Another technique was a double exposure, printing two images on top of one another to combine images. This is the technique that was traditionally used in filmmaking to combine real people with painted backdrops. Today artists use programs like Photoshop to manipulate images. Dozens of photographs might be combined and tweaked to create one seamlessly blended final image. It can truly be said that today photographers have almost complete control over their final prints.

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