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Nostalgia is in.
Of course, nostalgia has been a part of just about every human society. It is human nature to look back at the past with a wistful eye. Just visit Washington DC and look at how many of the oldest government buildings were built with columns and other flourishes that were designed to reflect the glory of ancient Rome and Greece. Today people show a similar appreciation for the past by looking for vintage art. Vintage art comes in two basic forms; there is art that was created in the past and has aged with time until it can be classified as vintage. Then there is art that is created in this day and age but is treated in such a way that it looks vintage. Neither option is necessarily better than the other; it’s ultimately up to the tastes and needs of the person shopping for a print to decide which they want.

What Defines A Vintage Print Art

When people think of vintage prints, a few things come to mind. Black and white images have a vintage look, but sepia has an even more nostalgic feel. This is because the natural process of time has a way of yellowing pictures. Faded colours also give an image a vintage feel, which is why some modern artists fade the colour from their pictures the way that jean makers fade the pants that they create. There is also the subject matter, and it should either be timeless or specifically set in the past. A vintage image captures a moment in time so perfectly that people feel like they are being transported back in time when they look at it. That’s the power of the vintage photograph; most people wish they could hop in a time machine and travel back into history. The vintage photograph is the next best thing.

Some Famous Vintage Print Examples

Some photos are more popular today than they were when they were created. These images are hung up on walls across the globe, and they show up over and over again in popular culture and fine art alike. Most people who think of Albert Einstein imagine the image captured in “Einstein’s Birthday” by Arthur Sasse. This photograph shows the famous scientist sticking his tongue out at the photographer on his 72nd birthday. This image has been used across the globe to show that genius can have a fun and rebellious side. Then there is “Guerrillero Heroico” by Alberto Korda. The image of Che Guevara can be found on t-shirts and dorm posters on colleges across America. Average people can also make great subjects, just look at “Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper” by Charles Ebbets, the iconic image of workers eating enjoying a break on a beam hoisted high into the air above New York.

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