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Art is something that can take on many forms. It’s easy to think of art as something flat, defined by screens and pieces of paper. But in sculpture, we see that visual art can take form in the third dimension. Humans have been making sculptures for as long as they have been creating art. They have chipped away stones, stuck sticks together, and poured metal into moulds to craft political, religious, and purely artistic monuments.

Materials Used

When it comes to creating art, sculptors have a lot of freedom because they can carve a piece of art from just about any material. Still, there are a few of these materials that are more popular than others. Many of the oldest sculptures we have today, were made of stone.

Artists had always turned to stone when they wanted to make art structures which will stand the test of time. Marble is another material that can also withstand the time,
Just like the stone, wood is also a material which might have even been used to create sculpture artworks, earlier than stone.

The softness of wood makes it a more comfortable material for ancient artists to work with. But because it isn’t as strong compared to the other sculpture materials, the oldest pieces of wood art have burnt up or degraded over thousands of years.
With the advancement of technologies, metal has taken the stage as the preferred sculpture material. It’s tough to connect two pieces of stone permanently, but a skilled welder can easily attach two metal pieces.

Famous Sculptors

The most famous and respected sculpture of all time is probably Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni or commonly known as Michelangelo. He was a renaissance master who crafted breathtakingly lifelike sculptures from marble. One artist who carried on the medium in the tradition of Michelangelo was Auguste Rodin. Thanks to working in a later era he was able to do more work in bronze, but he also liked to work in clay and plaster because of their immediacy. It’s also worth noting that many artists who are famous for their paintings have also dabbled in sculpture. Pablo Picasso is renowned for his cubist paintings, but he also sculpted throughout his careers.

Famous Sculptures

One of the most iconic sculptures ever created is probably “David” by Michelangelo, depicting the nude form of the Biblical David. Another iconic sculpture is the Statue of Liberty, a monumental piece of art that has come to define a nation. Another choice would be the Moai, famously known as the giant heads of Easter Island. Even though we know very little about the Rapa Nui people, who crafted their 887, 13-foot tall creations\, which stand to this day as a testament to a forgotten past.

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