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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 artworks

GIFT GUIDE : Art Gifts for Car Lovers

Buy the Perfect Art Gifts for Car Lovers


Gift giving strengthens relationships, regardless of the value of the gifted item.


The acts of gift giving get even lovelier when you offer your loved ones a memento of the things that are of interest them. For example, fashionista will be happy for a top brand clothing memento; food lovers will be happy for a hangout dinner evening souvenir, and so on.


The secret to creating a lasting impact with the gift you wish to offer your loved ones is to go for things they are passionate and obsessed about.


These can’t be wrong with car lovers, people who are passionate about cars or anything on wheels. Car enthusiasts collect anything that has to do with cars. They crave for classic and luxury cars, hang posters of their favourite cars on their walls, build collections of their best car toys, glance every auto magazine for the latest models, and love talking about the new stuff from recent car shows. If this says everything about your loved ones, Artailer has got you covered with the perfect gift item you can offer to them this season.


Since giving car lovers, new shining cars every so often is expensive, give them a memento of their favourite car as a gift for this season. You can satisfy their interest and passion for wheels with a professionally made original art piece. Artailer art gift for car lovers’ collection is made up of unique art photography, art drawings and art paintings. A selection car lover will love and treasure. Better still, you can commission an artist on Artailer to custom-make the replica of your love ones favourite car in original painting or drawing.


  • An art photography piece from this collection will make a good gift for someone who loves real pictures of cars. An example is the Jan Schoof Classic Car series. Jan Schoof, a renowned Photographer, travels around the world collecting photographs of must see people and things. His latest collection is his Cuban Classic Cars series, which shine lights on some unique collectables that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Every car lover will wish to own of on this works. 
  • Original art paintings can fulfil an artistic person’s requirement because of the creative touch of the art gift. The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sports Coupe by Joy Agbayani;
  • Art drawing of a car can serve as a great gift for any car lover wanting a casual yet interesting touch to their gift.


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