Showing 1 - 40 of 45 artworks
Showing 1 - 40 of 45 artworks

GIFT GUIDE : Art Gifts for City Slickers

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City slickers are city-proud, media-literate, brand-centric, trend-sensitive, and culturally aware individuals. They are inspired by the blinks of neon lights and find inspiration in the flashing billboards that abound the modern city skylines. Their mission in life is to attain the balance between a successful career and meaningful existence. These qualities of City Lovers are capsulated in this collection of authentic art for the modern and socially cultured market.


Why is gifting artwork to your City Lovers ideal? Works of art feed the soul. They are soothing, enriching, personal choices that will please art lovers, watchers, and even non-artsy individuals.

Our expert curatorial panel has put together these speciality-selected artworks, which will feed the soul of every City Slickers. No gift bit paintings, photographs, or illustrations of skylines, skyscrapers, and flashy lights of your loved one favourite city. 


Artists on travel and collect memories of their favourite places in original artworks. Whether it is a public sculpture in downtown Toronto, the city lights of Tokyo, the iconic structures of London, or the historical architectures in Leuven, we have you covered here at Artailer. Artailer's artworks are from talented artists who also live and breadth city dreams.

There are artists on who specialises in creating only city theme artworks. Joey Adh from the Philippines, an avid traveller, love to paint architectural structures captured in his trips, Sharon Ruttonsha brings back her European adventures, Zhanna Kondratenko, from Kyiv City put lights on the architectural structures of Ukraine; and Alexander Koltakov paints the glass skyscrapers of the Downtown Toronto.



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