Showing 1 - 40 of 56 artworks
Showing 1 - 40 of 56 artworks

GIFT GUIDE : Art Gifts for Fashionistas

Art Gifts for Fashionistas

What’s hip, what’s hot, what’s new? These are what fashionistas want!

The Artailer roster of artists always comes up with new art pieces that are unexpected, trendy and upbeat.


These art pieces are just what fashion lovers will like to have in their personal collection of high-fashion pieces or hanging on the walls of their living room or bedroom.


Now from the comfort of your home, you can select, directly from hundreds of talented artists across the globe, the perfect art gift to offer your fashion trendies. Your selected art will be carefully packaged and delivered at the doorstep of the recipient, as a surprise for you!   


Do you want to Know more about Fashionistas?

Fashionistas have vibrant personalities. They never run out of energy, always upbeat, always chasing after what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s up and about. Although they are mostly associated with the art of dressing up, there is more to a high-fashion life than just a trendy outfit or a shiny bling.


It is more a lifestyle of trailing after trends. With a strong sense of ownership, fashionistas like attaching their labels to a style by flipping it one way or another. They love things that reflect their dynamic outlook in life, a perfect description of the original artwork.

Artworks will always top the chart in the fashion world, because of the creativity and the sense of ownership that goes into creating them. A canvas of interesting composition won't go wrong as a gift item for your fashionista loved ones.


 Art is ageless and suitable for all ages with different interests.


Artists, who are fashion enthusiasts in their league, handcraft all the artworks in this collection. And to make sure that your loved ones get the best of the bests, our team of expert curators handpicked each artwork in this collection. 


Artailer also offers free art consultation, if you need help selecting the right art piece for your loved one. Call us to us at 1-800-836-0796, and put our art advisors to work for you.

Still, in thought, have an interest, get a picture portrait of your fashionista loved one custom painted, drawn or carved by an artist on Artailer.


What else can beat the ability to personal select your gift item? 
Our eGift card is just for that, ranging from $25 to $500, you will give your loved ones the opportunity to select and buy the art that suits they love.



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