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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 artworks

GIFT GUIDE : Art Gifts for Men

Buy Original Art Gifts for Men

Looking to surprise your father, husband, brother, lover or best friend on his birthday, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or any special day with an art gift that truly reflect the love you have for him? 

An art piece from our collection of art gifts for men will make the perfect gift for him. Each art piece in this collection was handcrafted with the unique flair to inspire that special person in your life. You can also commission an artist on Artailer if you love a more personalised art gift for him.


With all the special occasions that have passed, it could be difficult to find a unique gift that will make that special man feel appreciate how much you care about his interest and feeling. You could have given him watches, clothes, wallets or shoes in the past; perhaps even a free massage or an enjoyable dinner for two.

Make the moment a one to remember by gifting a unique art piece that captures his interest in 360 degrees.  A beautiful piece of artwork that he'll wake up to every day in his bedroom, living room, or office.


Original art is the perfect gift especially for men who are into art; but even if your husband, dad, brother, grandfather or friend isn’t an art enthusiast, original art of a subject associated with his interest will still be an amazing gift.

If you want to make it even more special, we have talented artists that can customise an artwork for you. A portrait of the man you loved, made from oil painting or watercolour painting.  Unlike an item that can easily wear and tear or perishable stuff that will go bad in hours, artworks are known to last for generations. Each time that he sees it, it will remind him of how much you love him.


Aside from being a personal present, the art gift will also be a decoration in the house or office. Men usually just have their walls plain. The artwork will add life and charm to his home or office, improving the overall appeal of his everyday space.

Check out this collection of artworks for men,

Let Artailer make that particular moment a one to remember for life.


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