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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 artworks

DECOR GUIDE : Bathroom Space

How to Buy Original Contemporary Wall Art for Bathrooms


Are you short of ideas to transform your cold and sterile bathroom into your dream master retreat space?


Your bathroom deserves the same look and feels like the other rooms - living room, dining room, foyer, and bedroom in your house your living rooms, and dining room. Even on shoestring budget, you can transform your sterile bathroom by breathing life to it walls with original works of art. Hanging properly framed original contemporary wall artworks on your bathroom walls will give life to your cold and dull bathroom without breaking your bank.


The calm and relax atmosphere in a bathroom makes it the perfect space for inspired works of art. The perfect bathroom wall art can help you unwind the worries of the day in an excellently. Thus, getting interesting wall art for your bathroom can engage you in productive thoughts during the time spent in the bathroom, and also offer a rejuvenating atmosphere when bathing. A piece of artwork from this unique collection of bathroom wall art will make your morning bathroom rituals relaxing.

Mare sure the artworks you collect for your bathroom is breathable enough to withstand the constant exposure to water and humidity in the bathroom.


The Key to selecting the best the Bathroom Wall Art for your space


•    If your bathroom is small in size, small-sized art will make the perfect size for the bathrooms

•    The main colour of the art piece should contrast with your bathroom wall colour

•    Select a professionally framed artwork or have the art piece professional framed to prevent it from humidity in the bathroom

•    If the artworks cannot be framed, then it should be made from breathable materials or materials that cannot easily get moist.



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