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Showing 1 - 33 of 33 artworks

DECOR GUIDE : Boardroom Space

Selecting Meeting Room Wall Art for your Office Space

A boardroom or meeting room is a room within an office, used for meetings. It is a significant room within the office setting and at times known as a conference room.  

Businesses love to hang artworks that show it history, artworks that communicate its culture, vision and values.  Our advice is, whether you choose artworks with bold colours, abstractions, unexpected patterns or photographic works, the conference room wall art should not compromise on originality and authenticity. The type of artworks that get hung on the walls of your meeting room sends the message about your business, and it values employees, and culture, to whomever, sits in that room. It may be employees, business partners, clients, potential client, or investors, what do you want them to take with them as they leave your meeting room, just from looking at the artworks on the walls of your conference room?

Some of the images communicated by the original wall art hanging on the walls of your boardroom are authenticity, strength, motivated, inspired, and original.

The artworks in the meeting rooms of your office can showcase the social responsibility side of your business. We see more and more companies supporting local art initiatives, by collecting artworks of the local artists. Artists on Artailer are local artists; they are independent artists, trying to establish their art career. This platform offers them the opportunity to showcase their artworks directly to you, will be appreciative if one of their works finds a home in your office.

Every artwork on Artailer is original and one-of-a-kind. Shop the work you like directly from the maker with full confidence in the quality of the piece of art. Artailer safely handles the transaction for the art you collect on Artailer offers 7 days 100% money-back guaranteed.


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