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DECOR GUIDE : Children Bedroom

 Buying Original Art for Kid's Room


Stimulate your children’s brain and encourage them to explore more with original art from our collection art for kids’ rooms. Abstract art with the interplay of colours, patterns, textures and shapes are effective in stimulating a kids mind. These types of artworks will encourage them to explore more. 

Children love a well-decorated room as it serves as a treat to their curious and observant eyes. Engaging children in healthy art and craft activities early on in their life will help to shape their creative minds. Artailer understands that it may be challenging at times for you to invest in original artworks for their children spaces. Just like other parents, you may be skeptical about;


•    investing your money collecting original artworks of a theme that might turn irrelevant a few years down the road as your child grows, or

•    your child may not even appreciate the value of the original artwork in their space.


That is where most parents go wrong and settle for something cheap from local departmental or dollar stores to hang on their kids’ walls.

The hand feel you get from an original oil or acrylic painting is different from a mass-produced canvas print. The quality of the materials used, overall weight, and craftsmanship of the original piece of art will set the imaginative senses in your kid. These creative senses are the foundation of creativity.


Consider your shopping for original art as shopping for a learning tool. Original artwork is not only a décor item in children's room. It also helps to foster the development and learning abilities of kids. Therefore, collecting original artworks for your kids’ room is an important way to nurture their learning skills. Artailer is proud to feature artists who specialise in kids’ themed artworks.

So why not make your teen's bedroom, a place to relax and nurture, with curated from this Artailer's collection of art for children spaces.


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