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Showing 1 - 40 of 73 artworks

DECOR GUIDE : Dining Space

Buying Wall Art for Dining Room

The importance of art in interior spaces should never be underestimated. Interior décor experts will agree you should not put all your focus in the living room, bedroom, children space, and offices when shopping for original artworks that will complement the interior decor of your space. Dining room, whether an open or a close concept, can be spiced up with quirky, colourful and fun art pieces.

Dining rooms take on many forms – from large open rooms to nooks off the kitchen. No matter the size or style of your dining room, it is a place to gather with family and friends for everyday meals and special occasions. Therefore, embellish the walls of your dining room with homey, relaxing original artworks from Artailer's dining space art collection. Pleased the eyes with tasteful and welcoming art pieces to liven up the spirit of your family and friends.

Also, art takes on many forms – painting, photography, screenprint, drawing, and sculpture. When effectively integrated to your dining, it can dramatically change the mood and feel of the space.


Choosing wall art for dining room can be made easier

•    Paintings of unexpected geometrical patterns in bold colours will bring out the elegance and perfection of the room.

•    Floral pictures with a lightly toned theme bring out a natural yet fresh feel of the room.

•    Vintage pictures and wall art give a classical feel to the dining experience. These artworks are best with light tones, pastels and colours such as cream, white and lilac.

•    If you are going with a clean slate approach for your dining room, then accentuate the white coloured room with colourful accents and textures to soften up the dining room space.


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