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Showing 1 - 40 of 55 artworks

DECOR GUIDE : Foyer Space

The Best Wall Art Ideas for Entryway


The first impression for your guests matters the most.


Set the tone of your home with colourful and stylish artworks on the walls of your entryway. Framed art prints or art paintings can bring proportion to a small blank wall. Energise and set the tone of your home with colourful and stylish artworks that can easily connect emotionally with your guests. Artailer offers a wide array of artworks, perfect for entryway rooms.


Foyer or entryway is the place that you welcome your guests when they enter your home. For hotel spaces, for example, they are known as the lobby, where guests are welcome. For office spaces, depending on the design, foyer will most likely be the reception room.


The foyer connects the entrance to various sections in a house or office like the living room, kitchen, or family. Depending on the context, this space can also be called hallway, corridor, entryway and vestibule. It can either be small or large, depending on the overall size of the home, hotel, or office. In the hotel, the foyer space is usually large, filled with chairs,  tables, and accessories. The ultimate artworks that you will choose to hang on the walls of your foyer will depend on the style and feel you like.

Do you want to go with the vintage, modern or contemporary? Or abstract, expressionist, impressionist or conceptual? The artists selling on Artailer have you covered, whatever the style and feel you want this space to have.


Original works art hanging on walls of your entryway or lobby will make you home looks unique, authentic, and sophisticated.


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