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Showing 1 - 31 of 31 artworks

DECOR GUIDE : Healthcare Space

A Short Guide to Collecting Art for Healthcare Space


Scientists have become more interested in the role of art in hospitals because research has proven that decorating hospitals with certain kinds of artworks can help speed up a patient's healing process. On the other hand, gloomy walls or the wrong kind of art can cause physical distress. Studies also show that the right kinds of art like paintings of landscapes, friendly faces, and familiar objects can lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Artworks of this nature can also aid in the recovery of patients, help manage pain, and shorten hospital stay. On the other hand, abstract pictures can have the opposite effect.


The Importance of Wall Art in Healthcare Spaces 

•    Art cultivates a positive environment for patients

•    Art aid in their physical, mental and emotional recovering,

•    Art helps in relieving anxiety and decreasing the perception of pain

•    It reduces caregiver stress, which greatly influences the effectiveness


The Best Art Subjects for Healthcare Spaces

•    Nature themes and figurative art conveys a sense of security and safety.

•    Artworks of positive faces and pleasant images are more soothing.

•    Patients are more likely to respond negatively to art with negative images or icons.

•    Abstract art also often rates low in patient preferences compared to representational art.


Art Subjects to Avoid in Healthcare Environment

Research has proven that images with below the characteristics should be avoided in a healthcare setting because they elicit negative emotional responses in the patient brain


•    Images of fearful or angry faces

•    Ambiguous subject matter

•    High novelty and unfamiliarity

•    Lack of realism and sharp contours

•    Abstract art allows patients to project their anxieties onto the image when trying to figure out the message conveyed by the artwork.


Artworks in this healthcare collection have been carefully selected to support the emotional and medical needs of patients. With neutral themes, they can be displayed in common spaces, lobbies, patient rooms, and nurse stations or even in a spec gallery. Our curators rely on the points mentioned above when selecting artworks for this collection.




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