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Showing 1 - 40 of 62 artworks

DECOR GUIDE : Hospitality Space

How Hotels Showcase and Promote Culture with Original Works of Art


What does Artailer bring to the table for Businesses in the Hospitality Industry?

Corporations like hotels, hostels, motels, inns, resorts, restaurants and bars, understand the impacts of art in the overall satisfaction delivered to clients, employees, and stakeholders. These businesses are one of the main channels used, to showcase and promote the cultural heritage from the local community level, regional level to the national level. You can find artworks in the lobby area, hallways, rooms, and halls of hotels, motels, inn, and restaurants.


Artailer Partnerships with Art Experts

Artailer helps source artworks from local artists to even international artists, for businesses in the hospitality industry. Our strong partnerships with art experts across the world give us the scale to handle even for multinational hotel chains. The community, in which these businesses operate, the target clientele base, their employees, and the stakeholders, are some of the consideration taken by our experts in sourcing the artworks.

The artworks in this hospitality space art collection are curated from Artailer's worldwide community of independent artists. Artailer's expert curatorial team vets these artists through a rigorous application process. The artworks they submit as part of their portfolio are still curated for quality, authenticity, professionalism, and original before they are published on the shop.


How is your Business Judge?

Businesses in the hospitality space are judged on how welcoming they are, the quality of their service, and the friendliness of their environment. Those are the 3 pillars Artailer wants to help support for businesses that operate in this industry via original works of art. 

Artailer's ability to bring unique talents and incredible artworks from around the globe make it your preferred choice to source and buy the original artworks for your hospitality space. Most of the artists on also handle commission projects.

We have art consultants always ready to provide the necessary advice you to make the right thing for the perfect art for your space. Support your request





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