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Showing 1 - 40 of 72 artworks

DECOR GUIDE : Living Room Space

Why Buy Original Wall Art for Living Room Space


Liven up your living space with original wall art will bring life and personality to the room.

Now than ever before, you can rejuvenate the feel and the look of your living room space with freshly handmade living room wall art.

Gone are the days when you had to be an art expert to access fresh, original works of art, or where you had to jump from one brick-and-mortar art gallery to the next, searching for original works of art. When faced with that hurdle, most people end up settling for mass-produced prints from the local chain stores.

Artailer gives art and décor enthusiasts like you the unique opportunity to conveniently access and collects original wall art at prices even cheaper than some of the mass-produced prints you find in commercial stores. So you know, this is one of the founding premises of Artailer,

“To help art lovers and collectors access and collect original art for their homes and offices confidently at their comfort.”

We come to work each day with the single goal to help connect art enthusiasts like you with artists across the world. We want to experience the feeling of buying art you love directly from the maker.


Importance of Original Living Wall Artworks

•    Original art brings life to your living room space

•    It brings freshly inspired feelings 

•    It showcases your values, personality, and taste, to your guests

•    It is great in stimulating conversation and offers your guests something to look at

•    You'll own a little bit of the artist, the creator of original art you collect


You should take note of the below points when shopping for original wall art like oil paintings, watercolour paintings, acrylic paintings, black and white art photographs, colour art photographs, art prints and much more;

•    go for what you like, what you can emotionally connect with

•    choose an art subject that will be welcoming to your guests and family

•    go for original art with colours that will compliment those of interior décor

•    take note of the artwork size


Artailer has never been short on quality and authenticity. Just the right kind of original works of art you need to change the flair in your living room space. See it live in your living room, live with it for a whole week, 100% money back guarantee and FREE return (of course!).

Everything on Artailer is original and handcrafted, best of all; you are buying the artwork directly from the maker. What a piece of mind; to confidently buy original art online without worries of authenticity, originality and story.

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