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Showing 1 - 40 of 169 artworks

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How Businesses are using Waiting Room Wall Art to Promote Positive Image


Businesses are missing out on a significant opportunity to showcase their expertise, culture, and values directly to the target audiences. Medical centres, law firms, banks, and any other company that welcome clients and guests through their doors each day, should be concern about the look and feel of their waiting room or reception area.

The waiting room area gives the first impression of the quality of service your clients, prospective clients, and guests will receive from doing business with you.

Most companies focus their interior decor effort on the furnishing, seating, magazines, and lighting, in this area, with no consideration made to the wall decorations. The wall art in the waiting of your office has the power to influence the feelings and reputation of your business.

When shopping for waiting room wall art, you should ask yourself how you want your clients and guests to describe you or your business. Original, sophisticated, authentic, expert, and craftsmanship, are some of the messages about your business practice and expertise, conveyed by the original wall art in your office space.


The emotional power of original works of art has over your client's

Original art influences the physical, mental and emotional state of individuals. That is why waiting room wall art is a sound investment for your business; your clients will be more willing to visit your business again because of how mentally and emotionally relaxed they felt in your waiting room area.

Our curatorial panel works in close collaboration with some of the industry best corporate décor and art experts to select these waiting room wall art. As you will notice, artworks in this collection are of a neutral theme; focus more on culture, and very appealing at first sight.


How can Artailer help you transform the look and feel of your waiting area?


•    Free art advisory service and depending on your location, onsite site visit maybe be a possibility.

•    Manage the art sourcing, purchasing, framing (if needed), and installing of the artworks bought on Artailer, or

•    Arrange and manage the commission artworks made just for your space.


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