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Showing 1 - 40 of 96 artworks

DECOR GUIDE : Shared Office Space

Why Open Floor Offices need Motivational and Inspirational Wall Art 

Fill the walls of a shared or collaborative office space with original artworks that showcase the brand, culture, and history of your company. Artworks from this Artailer’s exclusive collection of art for shared workspace environments will refresh, stimulate, motivate, and inspire creativity among your employees and colleagues. 

Motivational and inspirational works of art energise and personalise a shared office space.


There are obvious reasons why corporations have being the leading collectors of unique artworks. Research has proven that art in the workplace helps increase productivity and creativity, reduce stress, enhance morale and promote appreciation of diversity and opinions among employees.

The challenge for most businesses is to select the right artworks for a collaborative environment. Artailer provides you with free art consultation when buying art for your business location. Our art curators work in collaboration with you to ensure that the final artworks selected will compliment the unique character, spirit, and style, of your firm or company to your employees, clients, partners, and prospective clients, in much the same way as one's business attire, conveys professionalism and style. 

An art expert equates the feelings one get from visiting a workplace without installation or wall art as same when visiting a space that is not adequately and comfortably heated, cooled, or lighted.


In a nutshell, with little or no wall art in the collaborative workspaces in your company, your employees may tell your employees and visitor that; 

•    the company doesn't regard the value of their spiritual and psychological needs

•    the company doesn't have the financial resources for primary environmental necessities like original wall art

•    the business is not permanent, and should not be dependent on for long term projects


On a final note, comfortable, creatively stimulating environment produces better results.

Let's Artailer helps you transform your workplace environment


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