Kitchen Space

Spice up your kitchen walls and tables with quirky, colourful and fun art pieces or embellish them with homey, relaxing and original artworks. Have fun cooking alone or with your family and friends while pleasing your eyes with tasteful pieces that are sure to liven up your kitchen walls.

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  • Untitled (Diptych)

    Untitled (Diptych)

    Ready to hang (wooden underframe + hooks)

  • Old Street. Great Memories.

    Old Street. Great Memories.

    Ready to hang (wooden underframe + hooks)

  • In the Rain

    In the Rain

    Ready to hang (wooden underframe + hooks)

  • Poppy and Columbine

    Poppy and Columbine


  • Butterfly


    Original Acrylic Painting Canvas on hardboard

  • Tao


    One of three Confucius Statues, Boarding Balls an

  • Snacks


    Chayote, Wicker Basket with a Red Merlot, and some

  • Broadleaf with Japanese Vase

    Broadleaf with Japanese Vase

    Japanese vase from pre-WW2 purchased in London, Wo

  • Porcelain


    Japanese vase from pre-WW2 purchased in London, Wh

  • Landscape with Garbage

    Landscape with Garbage

    An original piece from the series “Landscape

  • Sunny


    Original oil painting on canvas Bring warmness

  • Delphinum and Red-hot Poker

    Delphinum and Red-hot Poker

    painted in my garden

  • Anemones


    Original Acrylic Painting Canvas on hardboard

  • Anemonies in the Vase

    Anemonies in the Vase

    Original Acrylic Painting Canvas on hardboard

  • Sailboats


    Original Acrylic Painting Canvas on hardboard

  • Red Apple

    Red Apple

    Original Acrylic Painting Canvas on hardboard

  • Solemnity


    Original Acrylic Painting Canvas on hardboard

  • Hoopla..


    Acrylic on canvas | Acrylique sur toile

  • Hourglass Moth

    Hourglass Moth

    Please, all these dead animals ... Of course, not

  • Civic Center with Matrioska

    Civic Center with Matrioska

    Franz Kafka never moved from his Prague. For the s

  • Pottery


    A stack of crockery and pottery, some of them fall

  • Psychedelic Octopus - Blue

    Psychedelic Octopus - Blue

    The fantastic world of animals. When I was a kid I

  • The Cities of the Moon

    The Cities of the Moon

    A map is an imprint, a sign of man in the landscap

  • Light


    ``light`` i was inspired for this oil on canv

  • The Setting Sun

    The Setting Sun

    This painting is a naive style depiction of coasta

  • Primary


    ink acrylics on canvas delivered with certificatio

  • Pollock's Way of Love

    Pollock's Way of Love

    Acrylic, Ink, Gesso and Silverpoint on Canvas.

  • Ballet Grand Jete

    Ballet Grand Jete

    Coating of acrylic varnish to protect and provide

  • Harvest Time

    Harvest Time

    Old barns and buildings in an autumn farm setting.

  • Melt Away

    Melt Away

    Strong snow patterns in ploughed farmers field cre

  • Early Morning

    Early Morning

    Morning light on a snow field filled with branches

  • March Thaw

    March Thaw

    An interesting pattern of old dead trees and snow

  • Northern Thames

    Northern Thames

    Thames river is calmly meandering through the coun

  • Hidden Place

    Hidden Place

    Old abandoned house nestled deep in the woods.

  • Down Stream

    Down Stream

    Fallen down tree over a steam after a storm.

  • Last Century

    Last Century

    Old farm house near the end of winter.

  • Over the Hill

    Over the Hill

    Uphill country dirt road with remnants of snow and

  • Breaking Through

    Breaking Through

    Winter stream flowing through snow covered fields.

  • Reaching Out

    Reaching Out

    Old textured trees in the foreground with reflecti

  • Open Space

    Open Space

    Snow covered back road with tire tracks.

  • What was Once

    What was Once

    Old weathered abandoned house in a rural farm sett

  • Stillness


    Patterns of snow on a large tree in the foreground

  • Free Flowing

    Free Flowing

    Stream capturing the reflection of the sky, contra

  • First Light

    First Light

    Early morning sunlight shining on the snow covered

  • Mysterious Windows

    Mysterious Windows

    Two intriguing mysterious windows on the side of a

  • Illumination


    Bright morning light shinning on a white country h

  • Still Life with a Bottle

    Still Life with a Bottle

    Still Life with a Bottle, Watercolor, paper

  • Sail


    We believe the sky can’t be yellow, but I think

  • Roses' Dance

    Roses' Dance

    Oil on Canvas

  • Lilies. Sunset

    Lilies. Sunset

    The cyclus Water lilies includes 5 works with thes

  • Cafe Near the House

    Cafe Near the House

    I can emphasize the variety of works

  • Red Flowers

    Red Flowers

    from the series “Botany’s notebook&rdq

  • Children's Appointment

    Children's Appointment

    oil on canvas

  • Dunes


    oil on canvas

  • Autumn. A Postwoman

    Autumn. A Postwoman

    oil on canvas

  • Lilies


    Noble flowers

  • Forest


    An original oil on canvas painting

  • Orange Tea

    Orange Tea

    Teapot with oranges

  • Apples and Grapes

    Apples and Grapes

    Teapot with apples and grapes

  • California Cliffs

    California Cliffs


  • In Spring Mood

    In Spring Mood

    The quality and the feeling of a painting on canva

    Regular Price: $500.00

    Special Price $300.00

  • Christmas still Life

    Christmas still Life

    oil on canvas

  • Curiosity


    oil on canvas

  • Fantasy still Life

    Fantasy still Life

    oil on canvas

  • Peaches


    oil on canvas

  • Militiaman


    oil on canvas

  • Sunflowers and Crayfish 

    Sunflowers and Crayfish 

    oil on canvas

  • Aesop's apples 

    Aesop's apples 

    oil on canvas

  • Autumn Time

    Autumn Time

    oil on canvas

  • Decorative Panel (12 Pieces)

    Decorative Panel (12 Pieces)

    Decorative Panel consists of 12 pieces, and each o

  • Melons


  • Two Pomegranates

    Two Pomegranates

    Passion, taste, fertility - pomegranates


Kitchen Wall Art

Kitchens aren’t just a place to prepare food; they’re a great chance to flex your design muscles. If you love food, you can show off your love in the artwork you choose. Think about styling your kitchen and dining area as if you were planning a kitchen of your very own. That way when you dine in it, you'll feel like you’re eating out. The best way to class up your kitchen is by purchasing some quality artwork, the right painting, print, or sculpture can take the look of your kitchen to the next level.

Think Thematically

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a lovely looking kitchen, you should start by establishing a theme. This doesn’t mean that you have to pick some high concept, your theme could be as simple as the colours black and white. Look around your kitchen and see what colours are all around and what art pieces you might already have up. You want your new art to fit-in with what you already have unless you’re planning on entirely switching up the look of your kitchen. So don’t just look at the art on your screen as you shop, try and imagine how it will look besides the other items in your kitchen. Ideally, you want your new art to play along nicely with everything you’ve already got.

Measure Carefully

When decorating any room, you need to think carefully about how all the elements fit together both visually and physically. But space is especially important when you’re decorating your kitchen space because you need to work inside the space and you don’t want art to get in the way when you’re cooking up dinner. This isn’t as much of a concern with flat art, but if you’re thinking about putting a sculpture in, you need to make sure that it won’t get knocked over whenever you open up a drawer or move around your pots and pans. Always read the dimensions of any art piece you’re looking at carefully and consider grabbing a ruler and heading to your kitchen to make sure that you’ve got the space needed.

Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Kitchen

Whether you cook daily or yearly it’s still worth having a kitchen that looks as nice as it can be. After all, even if you’re not cooking you’ll still have to walk in every time you want to grab leftovers from the fridge, so why not cover the walls in beautiful and welcoming art? It can be an affordable way to

Kitchen Space
Minimal Price: $180.00
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