Hallway Space

The hallway is an area that is all too easy to forget when designing the interior of a home or interior of an office. After all, it’s not exactly seen as a room. To provide ambience in your corridors and hallway space, it's a wise idea to hang cheerful prints or paintings in places where employees converge. So help lift up and refresh their spirits and work attitude with a unique piece of art from this Artailer’s hallways space art collection!

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Selecting Wall Art for Hallway or Corridor Spaces

The hallway is an area that is all too easy to forget when designing the interior of a home or interior of an office. After all, it’s not exactly seen as a room. Rather, it’s seen as the space between rooms. But that doesn’t mean that you should settle for blank walls. You can feel like walking through an art gallery every time you have to move from one room to the next when you have beautiful pieces of artwork hanging up on the walls of your hallway space.
It’s especially worthwhile if you’re looking to make a good impression on anyone who comes to visit, presenting them with a home that is thoroughly beautiful. So don’t let your walls sit blank. Fill them up with appropriate artwork.

Art As Windows

One issue for hallways is that they are built in the interior of the structure. This means that they tend to be closed in, with few, if any, windows. This is where art comes in, the pieces you choose can act as the window to a world of inspiration. Instead of leaving your hallway feeling closed-in, you can pick Landscape Art Prints that act as your windows to far off destinations. The impact is especially powerful if you coordinate your different pieces to create a coherent perspective. Consider picking a theme like black and white rural images or colour impressionistic rural images, that way you and your guests can feel transported to a new world with every walk through your hallway.

Get Some Relief

Hallways don’t usually have a lot of space inside of them because of their utilitarian nature. That said, it’s easy to feel like you can’t decorate your hall with sculptures. But this is incorrect. You might not want to put bulky sculptures on the ground, but you can make a big impact by hanging up relief plaster sculptures. Relief sculpture is carved so that it looks like a three-dimensional painting, with 3D imagery coming out of a flat background. Relief sculpture gives viewers a great sense of dimensionality without taking up much space. It’s a great idea if you want people to feel like they’re looking through windows placed throughout your hallway.

Fitting All The Pieces Together

When deciding which art pieces you should buy, it’s always worth trying to see the bigger picture. It’s easy to get caught up in the piece in front of you to forget that all of the art hanging in your hallway should work together. So keep an eye on things like measurements to make sure you have enough space and consider what sort of colour scheme you’ll create when your chosen artwork is placed against the colour of your wall. The difference between a hallway that works OK and one that’s truly fantastic is this sort of “big picture” thinking.

Hallway Space
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