Health Care Space

Support the Sense of Optimism, Vitality and Energy in your Patients with Artworks that Reflect the Hospital’s Heritage, Values, Brand and its Community. Art in our healthcare collection has been carefully selected to support the emotional and medical needs of your patients. Any piece from this selection can be displayed in shared spaces, lobbies, patient rooms, nurses; stations or even in a spec gallery.

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Selecting Original Artworks for Healthcare Spaces

Helping people through times of illness and injury is one of the greatest duties that anyone can ever carry out. Few things are as important as our health, and the human body can react to just about everything in its environment. Even if we don’t notice our surroundings consciously, they can still have a big impact on how we feel mentally, and our mental status can impact our physical health. So if you are decorating a healthcare space such as a hospital or doctor’s office, then it’s worth finding the art that will help encourage healing for everyone who visits.

Consider The Audience

You should always think about the people who will be viewing the art when deciding which sort of art pieces to choose. For example, a person who specialises in treating adults might not choose the same art as someone who treats children. You should also think about the condition your patients will be in. If most of your patients will be relatively well, then very positive images might push them in the right direction. But if some or most of your patients are very ill then an excessively bright decor might make it feel like you’re taunting them. It’s a delicate balancing act, especially when you’re treating people in a wide range of states.

Colour Impacts Thinking

Of all the ways that art impacts our emotions, few are more studied than how colour impacts emotion. Colour can have a big impact on the way we feel, and so you need to be careful about what colours you choose for your healthcare space. For example, brighter colours like yellow and red tend to make people excited and give them a sense of energy. Even if you’re in healthcare for children and those colours seem appropriate, you might not want a bright red waiting room that could make your patients feel even more impatient.

The Healing Power of Nature

The natural world is something that is incredibly important to us, especially when we are cut off from it by our surroundings and routines. Areas like hospitals and doctors offices can feel like very unnatural spaces, which is why it can be incredibly helpful to breathe some life into rooms with art that depicts nature. Images of greenery, flowers, and natural phenomena can help to remind people of the world that exists between the four walls they are in. People might need to be cut off from nature for their physical health, but to help their mental health you should try and expose them to images of the natural world.

Health Care Space
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