Hospitality Space

In the corporate world, one of the industries that have a great need for artworks the hospitality industry – restaurants, hotels, spas and the like. The challenge though is choosing and buying original artworks which are both classy and budget-friendly. This Artailer's collection contains wide selections art piece to suit every budget and discriminating taste.

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Selecting Original Art for a Hospitality Space

Creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests is one of the best ways to get ahead in the hospitality industry. After all, people turn to the hospitality industry to create positive feelings and experiences. Setting matters when it comes to making your guests feel a certain way, you can make two copies of the same bedroom and give both different colour schemes to provide guests with two different experiences. By taking the time to find the right art for your hospitality business, you can take it to the next level. The perfect artwork might not completely change the experience, but it can add an extra bit of flair that might help you stand out from your competition.

Choose A Theme

Themes are huge in hospitality industries because they offer a simple way to create powerful design schemes. A theme could be as broad as the colour blue or as specific as choosing Paris, France in the year 1828. Usually, you want to pick something in between these two extremes, but choosing something relatively simple and broad will give you more to work with. You should also try and choose a theme related to your business; if you’re running a seaside hotel, then a nautical theme is a no-brainer. Once you have a theme in mind, you can quickly narrow down your art choices and find the perfect pieces in no time.

Pick Friendly Colours

If you want to put people in a good mood, then you should pick your colours carefully. Avoid stark combinations like black and white because these can feel cold and distant. You should also avoid going too far in the other direction and picking a lot of bright colours because then you can end up creating a chaotic atmosphere that people won’t want to spend time in. In the end, it’s best to use a restrained and slightly muted colour palette that will create a friendly atmosphere without feeling overly aggressive.

Add Depth

Don’t just look at a flat artwork, consider broadening your search to include sculptures. Three-dimensional and mixed-medium artwork can add new depth to your guest experience. It can also help you stand out by allowing you to make a bold artistic choice without having to get too experimental with the subject matter. Mixing up mediums is effectively the safe way to look bold and creative. If you’re targeting a hip and savvy market, then you want to try and switch things up whenever you can.

Hospitality Space
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