Your Complete Guide to Buying Original Art for your Home


Hanging an original painting, a signed print, or a charcoal drawing on the wall of your home or office, will bring some flair to the space. The blank wall in your space will become a perfect representation of you, showcasing the things that interest, motivates, and inspires you. All captured on a canvas or museum quality fine paper. 

Finding the right original wall art paintings, prints, or drawings for your living room, bathroom, bedroom, office, or dining space hasn't been easy for most individuals. Time constraint to visit an art gallery, go to an art show, or you simply don't know the right artworks that will fit well in their spaces.  That is where Artailer support comes in to make your art buying experience as comfortable and convenience like shopping for a book on Amazon. Artailer created these specialty collections of inspiring artworks to help cut through the noise of buying art online.

Even art novices can buy original art on for their home or office, confidently without the 'fear' of how the piece of art will fit in their space. Our curatorial panel invests hours daily, curating through the thousands of artworks on, making sure the style, theme, and category of the artwork fit the collection category. Also, Artailer's knowledgeable support team is always here to help you collect the perfect artwork 24/7.


The Right Space 

Artworks are bought to be placed or hung in a home, office, museum, gallery or kept in a collection. Therefore, it is important to think about the location where the artwork will reside. Is it an office, living room, bathroom, kid's room, hospital, or hotel. Knowing precisely where the piece of art will be hung, gives a starting pointing of selecting the theme and style of the art.


The Perfect Mood

What mood do you want do you want to communicate in the space? Passionate, soft, welcoming, powerful, and casual, are some of the feelings that art can help bring in an area. Lighter mood, with a less severe image, are perfect for children’s space or dining room space. On the other hand, more serious artworks would look great in office and lobby areas. 


Your Personal Choice

End of the day, it is your space, you'll be the one who wakes and sleeps in that space. Your personal preferences have to prevail in selecting the perfect art for your home or office. The things you like - favourite colours, subjects, places, and maybe hubby may help in selecting the artwork that will emotionally connect with you.


Price must not be a Big Problem

Sophisticated home decorations must not come with a high price tag. There is art in every style, subject, colour, size, orientation, and for every budget on Artailer. You need not worry even if you are on a limited budget; there is always great deals going on Artailer.  Check out Artailer sales page for discount deals.


Enjoy what you have Purchased

Unpackaged your shipment, hang the art in your bedroom, living room, or office wall, take a step back and experience the joy of authenticity, the joy of hanging something original and sophisticated on your wall.


The best part is local artists who aspire to be seen and want their talents to be noticed by people like you created all the artworks on Artailer. Hanging their art on your walls is the best way to help this community of local artists do what they love doing best.


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