Gift Artboards

The uniqueness, durability, authenticity, and originality of handcrafted works of art, make them a valuable medium to store memories, love, and bonds with share with our loved ones. You won’t afford to offer your loved ones with something that will end up in garbage bin the next day or something that will end up in the storage.

Buying Art Gifts for Art Lovers

What will you consider the perfect gift item for art lovers, creative people or even to your mum or dad?
I can bet you that idea for cool original works of art won’t make it on your list of considerations.
Because original art is a less common gift item, compared to cards, flowers, movie tickets, jewellery or shoes.
Which is why you want to be creative especially during this season, make the adventure, and take the leap of faith to offer your loved ones original art - painting, drawing, sculpture, art print, or printmaking as a gift. 
You’ll be surprised to see how they will appreciate and cherish the original art gift. 
An original art gift like an oil painting or a black and white framed art print will be something they least expect, and not to even mentioned, from you. 
It doesn't take a Master degree in Art History to select the perfect piece of art gift for a loved one. Our expert curators are just a click away to help you choose the right artwork. Also, you want to consider the following points when shopping original art for your artsy people.

What do your loved ones love the most?

Art is classified by interest, which makes it easy to select the right artsy gift for your loved ones if you know what they love.
Still not sure of where to start! We can help you select the perfect art piece that best aligned with your loved one’s interest.
Our expert curator team has classified every art in this art gift collection by the interests they best fit in.
Quick Q&A for you;
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Love rides? Then check out art gifts for car lovers
Set the tone and initiate the latest craze for the copycats? Wow! Then you have to go with the trendsetters’ art gift collection.
There are also specialty art gift collections for nature lovers, extroverts, introverts and even foodies here on
Remember, their interest should be your GPS on this art gift-shopping spree.

Don't Forget to Consider the Space

When buying a gift for loved ones, even if you want to keep it a surprise, go for things they will like to use, wear or see.
It’s same with shopping for art gift for modern art lovers. You want to put the space into consideration. You don't want this valuable limited edition print or acrylic painting to end somewhere in the storage or basement because there isn’t enough wall space to hang it.
Go for sizeable artwork if your loved one has enough empty wall space, others go for medium or even small-sized artworks.

Gift Artboards
Minimal Price: $80.00