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  • Big city

    Big city

    Oil painting with heavy texture detail. Palette kn

  • Between Spring and Summer

    Between Spring and Summer

    Please notice that the painting in real life has s

  • Inner Passion

    Inner Passion

    Two coats of protective gloss varnish are applied

  • The Mystery of Sargasso Sea

    The Mystery of Sargasso Sea

    Sculptural work. Gorgeous in real life. The pictur

  • Stormy Sea at Sicilia

    Stormy Sea at Sicilia

    Stormy sea at Sicilia painted on the location at L

  • Urgench


    This is from a series of 10 paintings

  • Clonazepam


    This is a sedative drug that can help with anxiety

  • Like a poem lost in translation

    Like a poem lost in translation

    This work describes the beauty that comes with men

  • Stop it

    Stop it

    This goes with my ongoing work on mental illness

  • Day Pass

    Day Pass

    This work depicts the idea of a day pass from a me

  • Rispe


    This work continues in my series on mental illness

  • Want


    This continues in my work on mental illness and ta

  • Butterflies Catcher

    Butterflies Catcher

    It was said in the ancient legend that man has to

  • Decorative Panel (12 Pieces)

    Decorative Panel (12 Pieces)

    Decorative Panel consists of 12 pieces, and each o

  • Vulcan


    It is the source of earthly fire, it is a mixture

  • Between The Lines

    Between The Lines

    The edges are polished to a crystal-clear sheet so

  • new
    The Seer

    The Seer

    All original, composite photograph

  • new


    All original photography, manipulated and printed

  • new
    Faded Hero

    Faded Hero

    The backside of the print includes a white stabili

  • House by the sea No 1

    House by the sea No 1

    I'm so lucky to live close to the ocean. It lifts

  • Singing Forest #2

    Singing Forest #2

    Alone in the woods and let your dreams come true

  • new


    Girls portraiture

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