For foodies, nothing gives more encouragement throughout a hectic day than a promise of their favourite meal. Give your loved ones a present that will remind them of their favourite dish, fruit or even ingredients. We are sure that you will find the perfect art gift in our food-themed collection of original artworks.

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Foodies Art Gifts

Everyone loves food. It’s one of those things that unites humans worldwide. We might not be able to agree on which food is the best but most of us can agree that food is an essential part of life. Our love for food is so deep that we don’t just love food items themselves, we also love the imagery that depicts our favourite food items. So if you are looking for a gift for the foodie in your life, then you should seriously consider getting them some food-themed art. To help you do just this we’ve prepared this guide filled with questions you can ask to figure out the perfect food-themed art for your needs.

Type Of Food

Not all food is created equal. The human mind loves invention and every culture have invented its types of food. So if you’re shopping for food-themed art, one of the first things you should do is figure out what sort of food the art should depict. Do you want something more natural like fruits or vegetables? Or do you want something that has been cooked and prepared, like pastries and full meals? If you’re shopping for someone else, it’s helpful to think carefully about the sort of food they do and do not like. If someone loves to eat cakes, then chances are they’ll love a beautiful painting of a delicious-looking cake.


Before digging into the different foodie art pieces available, it’s important to ask yourself what level of realism are you looking for?. If you want art that looks just like the food in question, then you might want to buy a photograph, but in most cases, the best art is evocative rather than literal. Paintings usually involve a certain level of abstraction, with every piece falling on a spectrum between complete realism and total abstraction. If you decide early on how realistic you want your food art to be then, you can quickly narrow down your choices and focus in on the right piece for your decorative needs.

Something To Drink

Food might be the main dish, but no meal is complete without something tasty to drink on the side. Many foodies love to pair their dishes with some alcoholic beverage. Beer and wine are very popular so think about finding art that features your beverage of choice. It might be the centrepiece, or it could be something on the side, there’s no wrong way to plan a delicious meal or a food-based piece of art.


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