Your Complete Guide to Offering Original Art as Gift

You might have never considered art as a gift item to offer your loved ones, especially during festive seasons like Christmas, and Thanks-Giving, or on special days like Valentine's Day, Anniversary Day, and Birthdays.

If this says it all about you, sit tight and read on because you are not alone!

Artailer has an extensive list of specially selected artworks, perfect for different genres and interests. If you want a more personalised art present, we have great artists that can transform the photograph of your loved ones, their pet, or whatever thing they may like, into a unique piece of original art.

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Things to Meep in Mind while Shopping for your Art Gifts 

•    For less $200, you will break the boundaries of traditional mass-produced gift items

•    You will be the only one remembered even after the show

•    Your art gift will touch the heart and soul of your loved ones

•    Your loved ones will see the deep thought you have for them in the gift


Some important points you should note about gifting original art as a gift.


Consider What the Recipients Like

Offering the art gift would be easy if you know what the recipient want exactly. If not, one way to determine is to ask people close to them. If the recipient is an art enthusiast, and a frequent gallery goer, you may want to visit the galleries they frequently visit and ask for information on their interests.

If you are still in doubt on what type of art to offer to your loved ones, go to their interests.

What do they like?

Are they pet or animal lovers?  Check out Artailer art gifts for art lovers

Do they like anything car? Check out Artailer art gifts for car lovers

Do they set the tone and initiate the latest craze that the rest will follow? Wow, then go with Artailer gifts for trendsetters.

We also have unique art gift selections for mother, father, wife, sister, and so on.

 Remember, it should be their interest and taste that you should think about when shopping for original art for a gift, and not yours.


Put Space Into Consideration Too 

The choice of size also comes when considering space the art will live.

The size of the of space is crucial, as you want the artwork to be displayed and not just be kept elsewhere just because there’s enough room to put it.

Go for larger sized artworks if the recipient has huge empty walls in their house or office, otherwise, go for smaller to medium sized artworks, would be your safest bet.


Think What They Have in Their House

Do you have an idea of how other decor items in your recipient's home or office are setup?

Their furniture, decorations and style of their home will give you clues on the subject, medium, category and style of art the recipients may like. Find something that will complement the things that they already have. For instance, if the house has a modern feel, go for contemporary artworks. If it has a vintage feel, then go for fine artworks. Also, you can shop by the colours in their space.


It Should Be Easy to Frame

You could have the artwork framed or not. It’s fine if you send it as it is without a frame. Some people prefer to display their artworks without frames. However, make sure to select a piece that is easy to mount so that in case the recipient decides to have it framed, it wouldn’t be a hassle, and too expensive to have it done.


Put these things into consideration when choosing an artwork to give as a gift, and it’s more likely to be a success!

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