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Do you need any previous gallery experience to exhibit on

No. our primary objective is to offer new and upcoming artists their first gallery exposure. We accept applications from all new and emerging artists even with no gallery representation experience. 

What can I Sell on Artailer?

You can only sell original handcrafted artworks — paintings, art prints, drawings, and sculptures, of which you are the maker, with 100% copyright ownership.
All artworks submitted to for exhibition must be original and of high professional quality. We do not accept copied art, mass-production, video art, digital printing, open-edition works, jewellery, knitted items, blown glass, clothing, furniture or lighting.

Does it cost any money to exhibit my artwork on

No. It is free to exhibit on

Can I still Sell my Listed Artworks on other Channels?

Absolutely. You can sell your listed artworks on on other channels. Artailer only gets paid when the sale is made through it channel or it partner channels on behalf of Artailer. The term is non-exclusivity for all your works on Artailer. However, we do require you to update your Artailer shop with the most current status of your artwork inventory. If your work sells on another channel, you have to update it as sold on Artailer 


Do I need to request Approval to List and Sell my Artworks on

Yes, you have to submit a request to become a marketplace partner after joining Artailer. It’s simply a click of a button, to submit the request. Open your Dashboard, Scroll down to the marketplace section, Open the “BECOME A PARTNER” tab and enter your Check the box, “You want to become a partner? Enter your shop your name (firstname-lastname) in the URL field and click the SUBMIT button.

What is Artailer Payment Structure?

Artailer artists’ payment structure is 35/65. Artailer gets 35% and the artist gets 65% from every sale made on Artailer. Our 35% commission goes into PR campaigns, and promotional activities such as event organisation, corporate consultation, print and online advertising, and platform maintenance. These are all essentials to keep Artailer alive, and promoting you and your artwork.

How will I get my funds for my sold products?

Your money will be deposited directly to your bank account registered on file after 7 days of receipt of the shipment. Buyers have a 7-day window to live with the artwork bought.

I am a Photographer; can I also sell on

Yes, but you can only sell the prints of your photography image can be sold on, not the digital files. We do not accept open edition or mass-produced prints. Artailer can administer the printing and selling of the print works. They will be offered under the Artailer Edition Print category,