About Akiko Yada

I started drawing pictures on my computer from around 1999. I scanned the handwritten manu with a black sign pen and made a work by the method of coloring it on a personal computer. It was a concrete painting this time.

The digital painting by this technique continued until around 2014, but because I felt it was flat, I started painting oil paintings and acrylic paintings around 2010.

These were released from around 2012, and had been announced for a while to mix concrete and abstract, digital and analogue, and it was more likely to draw an abstract picture at the same time as an analog one from around 2015.

Since 2016, I have made extensive use of current paints and collages, and began to create works of so-called mixed media, such as flat and semi-solid and solid, and almost established his style. However, he uses a variety of art supplies, materials, and supports to make high quality works every day.

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Artwork is shipped to you by Akiko Yada, and will be packaged in a cardboard box. Artworks are dispatched within 14 working days from Japan.

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