Mood Artboards

Our experts Interior Decor Consultants have handpicked every artwork in this Mood Artboard. You don't have to be a colour and emotional expert to bring home your desired feelings in original works of art. Browse and collect original works of art according to your preferred mood - bold, calm, introspective, stormy, casual, whimsical, livelycool and more. Make a bold statement in your home with the wall art in your living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen space. Talk with Interior Decor expert today if you need help selecting the right art in this collection

Colour And Emotion In Art

You'll agree with me that consideration is given to the impact to your  mood and feeling when selecting wall colours for your home or office spaces. Luckily original colourful wall artworks can help you bring whatever feelings and emotions you want to any space of yours.
Artists are expert in the psychology and meaning of colours. The combination and saturation of colours used on a piece evokes unique emotion in the audience. For example, Vincent Van Gogh shows us the depth of an artist's understanding of the emotive properties of colours in his 'Sunflowers,' 1888 Oil Painting on Canvas. He uses warm yellows to create an energetic image that radiates feelings of hope and joy. Also, Pablo Picasso uses monochrome tones of blue to reflect his low psychological state in his Tragedy, 1903 oil painting on canvas piece. Picasso's low state of mind was caused by the death of his friend, the Spanish painter Carlos Casagemas.

Colour Effects On Mood

Whenever you want to set the mood in your space with artwork the first thing to keep in mind are the colours you will use in the space. It has been scientifically proven that colour has an impact on the way we feel. Red is passion, green is regeneration, blue is tranquillity, brown is earthy, black is dramatic, and white is clean. Of course, everyone is unique and has their associations, the feelings you experience when you see a particular colour might not be the same that others feel. So don’t just go with what you’re told about colour, look at the colour for yourself and see how it moves you.

Colour - Abstract Or Representational Artworks

The technical aspects of a piece of art have a lot to do with the mood that it sets, but you also need to consider what the art is depicting.
Do you want an abstract artwork or something representational? Abstract artwork is great if you're going to get at the mood in its most pure form, separating it from literal imagery. But representation artwork has a power of its own. Images of nature in full bloom tend to create an earthy and natural mood. The sea can be calming, or it can make us nervous, depending on whether it is at rest or in the midst of a storm. Think about what mood you’re going by considering the images you associate with that mood.

Choosing The Right Artworks For Your Room

When choosing artwork for a room, it’s important that you always keep the rest of the room in mind. You won’t just be looking at the artboard itself; you’ll also be looking at the colour of the wall that it’s hung on, the lighting in the room, and any other objects that might be nearby. So if you want to create a certain mood in your room, it’s best to make sure that the artboard you choose and the rest of the room work together to make the mood. If you place an artboard that’s bright and upbeat inside a room that’s dark and dreary you’re going to be sending mixed messages rather than creating a clear mood.

Mood Artboards
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