Bold Mood Art

Artworks with bright, strong and saturated colours of green, red, blue, yellow and purple make us feel optimistic, self-confident, and energetic. The use of bold coloured artwork is even more influential in an office setting because of the energy bold colours evoke in us, humans. A bright hue artwork in your shared office space can boost employee's confidence, a red art piece on your boardroom wall can mean the difference between a productive deal-making session and unproductive outcome.

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Understanding Bold Feelings in Art

Art has long been used by people who want to express something that they can’t be communicated with words. You can try to tell people that you are bold but the words alone will tend to ring hollow. It’s visuals and actions that truly shape out the word bold for the world to see. Of course, it’s easy to say you want a bold piece of art to put up in your room but it can be difficult to define the term. So let's look at just what it means for art to be bold and create a bold mood in those who look at it.


Bold Colours in Art

When people think “bold” they tend to imagine bright colours. Think about a stop light, grabbing your attention with bright reds, yellows, and greens. Each of these colours demands your attention with its purity, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Remember, it’s not just about picking colours like red and yellow, colours like green and blue can also be bold. Even pure black can create a bold image, but it should be pure. The main thing that quickly tones down bold art is by mixing in colours until the bright base becomes something muddy and muted. This might be fine for creating a foggy and calm image, but if you want things to be bold, then you want bright, pure colours.

High Contrast & Bold Feeling

One bright colour might grab your attention, but it won’t hold it for long. To sustain interest, you need contrast. This is where light and dark sit right against each other. It’s why black and white art pieces can be accurately described as bold even though neither colour looks all that bold on its own. It’s the contrast between the two, the gap that exists. So look for artwork where dark and light shapes exist right next to one another.

Large Shapes & Bold Mood

When you hear the word bold what other words come into your head? One of the words that usually come to mind is large. It’s hard to imagine a bold mouse, and it’s equally difficult to imagine describing a postage-stamp sized painting as bold. Of course, it can happen, but it's difficult. In general bold artwork is made up of large, monumental shapes. These shapes might be made up of smaller parts, but they should work together to create large and dynamic wholes. When you have big, colourful shapes contrasted against a vastly different backdrop, then you’ve got a very bold piece of artwork.

Bold Mood Art
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