Calm Mood Art

Lose yourself in the serenity of calming art paintings, printmaking, art drawings, sculpture and fine art prints from budding artists and rising stars on Artailer. From sceneries to gardens and peaceful locales; you’re sure to find the right pieces to draw out feelings of tranquillity and calmness. As human beings, we have a natural longing for greenery and open skies, which is why scenes of nature are commonly used to calm us down.

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Calm Mood Feelings With Original Art

Two things which we could always use more are peacefulness and quietness. The world is moving so quick and fast. Even as we invent tools to help us save time and ease the stress, the tools only seem to end up creating more chaos in our lives. When you come home at the end of a long workday, you deserve a space that will help you calm down, and escape from the pressures of daily life. Artwork can give those fulfillments. ; You just need to pick the right piece, created specifically to bring calmness in a space.

Understand Calming Colour Schemes

Talented artists use colour combinations intentionally to unloose specific feelings in us. Bright colours like red, green and yellow, will make you feel energetic and exciting, while cooler colours like blue, green and purple will make you feel calm.
If you want to bring the calm mood to your living room, bedroom, office or dining room, look for artworks which have colour schemes built around colours like blue, green and purple. These colours fill the mind with images of calm sceneries like plants, water and open sky. This help to put your mind at ease whenever you see them. This doesn't mean that you can't get a painting, drawing, printmaking or photography which have colours like red and yellow. If you do, these colours should not be dominant in the piece, and if possible they should be muted. By adding or subtracting colours, a bright and lively colour like red can be calmed down to create a less energetic appearance.

Serene Subject Matter & Calm Feelings

Consider what the artwork you're looking for might depict. Ask yourself what sort of things calm you down. As human beings, we have a natural longing for greenery and open skies, which is why scenes of nature are commonly used to calm us down. If you find that you have a hard time finding peace in the city, then you should look for artworks with rural rather than urban imagery. Even if you can't get away from work and head out into the sun, you can pick a painting or art print that brings nature into your workplace. That's the magic of art.


Soothing Shapes & Calm Mood

Pay attention to the shapes that make up the artwork. Sharp edges will put you on edge subconsciously. Just looking at an object in a painting piece, that looks like it might cut you can put you on your guard even if you know that it's just a painting and can't hurt you. Try and find art that is curvy images, round objects and sloping strokes. This might feel like nitpicking, but if you pay attention to the art, you'll start to pick up on how every element in the piece works together to create the overall mood.

Calm Mood Art
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