Casual Mood Art

Casual contemporary art is wonderful for a person who doesn’t like complication and rules. When it comes to decorating with casual art, you have free rein to display art pieces and collection that are dearest to your heart. Fill a shelving display or one side of the wall with an assemblage of your favourite artwork or go light with accents scattered throughout the area. Whichever is your preference; you’re bound to find something in Artailer that will appeal to your casual nature.

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  • Supreme Reality

    Supreme Reality

    Ships framed and ready to hang

  • Old Street. Great Memories.

    Old Street. Great Memories.

    Ready to hang (wooden underframe + hooks)

  • Horizontal Perspective

    Horizontal Perspective


  • Circular City

    Circular City

    Oil on canvas perspective.

  • Tao


    One of three Confucius Statues, Boarding Balls an

  • Snacks


    Chayote, Wicker Basket with a Red Merlot, and some

  • Sour Cream Glazed and Company

    Sour Cream Glazed and Company

    Assorted Donuts on a Turkish serving tray purchase

  • Broadleaf with Japanese Vase

    Broadleaf with Japanese Vase

    Japanese vase from pre-WW2 purchased in London, Wo

  • Late 90's Boss Fight

    Late 90's Boss Fight

    Where to go and what to do?

  • Good Morning

    Good Morning

    Early morning in San Fransisco.

  • The Old John Deere

    The Old John Deere

    John Deere tractor painting

  • Emilie Floege

    Emilie Floege

    Emilie Floege acrylic painting on canvas by Rachel

  • Adele Bloch-Bauer

    Adele Bloch-Bauer

    Adele Bloch-Bauer acrylic painting on 24x30 canvas

  • Sisterhood, Friends for Life

    Sisterhood, Friends for Life

    Colorful abstract painting with pointillism and ci

  • Five Little Owls on the Fence

    Five Little Owls on the Fence

    Five little owls on 18x36 framed gallery wrapped c

  • Kultorvet, Copenaghen

    Kultorvet, Copenaghen

    An original piece from the series “Windows&r

  • Memory of St Petersburg, the Neva River

    Memory of St Petersburg, the Neva River

    An original piece from the series “Houses on

  • The Red Star

    The Red Star

    An original piece from the series “Red Star&

  • Pressure Pattern

    Pressure Pattern

    An attempt was made to own visualization to imagin

  • Solar System

    Solar System

    It is a work that drew inspired from the solar sys

  • Evening of Ambient

    Evening of Ambient

    It is a work depicting the time of mild evening.&n

  • Symbiosis


    A lot of various creatures in harmony, drew to ima

  • The Phoenix

    The Phoenix

    It is a work that drew Imagine a phoenix fly resur

  • Go this way

    Go this way

    I drew the people who have decided to Going My Way

  • Landscape with garbage

    Landscape with garbage

    Oil colors on wood panel, 34.7 x 27 cm, 2015.

  • Portrait 01

    Portrait 01

    Oil on canvas | l'huile sur toile

  • Hourglass Moth

    Hourglass Moth

    Please, all these dead animals ... Of course, not

  • Pottery


    A stack of crockery and pottery, some of them fall

  • The Cities of the Moon

    The Cities of the Moon

    A map is an imprint, a sign of man in the landscap

  • Fantasy Face

    Fantasy Face

    Excelent condition and Certificate registry.

  • Thorns


    Acrylic painting "Thorns"

    Regular Price: $250.00

    Special Price $230.00

  • Matryoshka


    from the series "Abandoned rooms", oil on canvas.

  • Wild Life 2

    Wild Life 2

    This is a oil on canvas painting inspired from wil

    Regular Price: $350.00

    Special Price $330.00

  • Wildlife


    Oil Painting on canvas painting inspired by wildl

    Regular Price: $350.00

    Special Price $330.00

  • Frances


    This painting is of a fox. 

  • Harvest Time

    Harvest Time

    Old barns and buildings in an autumn farm setting.

  • The Shallows

    The Shallows

    Where the heavy rocks meet the shoreline on Georgi

  • Melt Away

    Melt Away

    Strong snow patterns in ploughed farmers field cre

  • Early Morning

    Early Morning

    Morning light on a snow field filled with branches

  • Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze

    Late afternoon light shining on a half snowy field

  • March Thaw

    March Thaw

    An interesting pattern of old dead trees and snow

  • Northern Thames

    Northern Thames

    Thames river is calmly meandering through the coun

  • Going There

    Going There

    Backroad leading to somewhere unknown.

  • Hidden Place

    Hidden Place

    Old abandoned house nestled deep in the woods.

  • Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom

    Maitland river flowing around worn down rocks.

  • Down Stream

    Down Stream

    Fallen down tree over a steam after a storm.

  • Last Century

    Last Century

    Old farm house near the end of winter.

  • Over the Hill

    Over the Hill

    Uphill country dirt road with remnants of snow and

  • Breaking Through

    Breaking Through

    Winter stream flowing through snow covered fields.

  • Reaching Out

    Reaching Out

    Old textured trees in the foreground with reflecti

  • Open Space

    Open Space

    Snow covered back road with tire tracks.

  • What was Once

    What was Once

    Old weathered abandoned house in a rural farm sett

  • Last Stance

    Last Stance

    Melting snow in the last days of March out in the

  • First Light

    First Light

    Early morning sunlight shining on the snow covered

  • Mysterious Windows

    Mysterious Windows

    Two intriguing mysterious windows on the side of a

  • Hidden barn main image

    Hidden Barn

    A hidden counrty barn with trees in the foreground

  • Illumination


    Bright morning light shinning on a white country h

  • Tree


    Tree is the obvious symbol of life, firmness, assu

  • Sail


    We believe the sky can’t be yellow, but I think

  • Nude


    Woman is a symbol of peace, kindness, love and bea

  • Main Entrance to the Destiny

    Main Entrance to the Destiny

    Main Entrance to the Destiny

  • Lilies. Sunset

    Lilies. Sunset

    The cyclus Water lilies includes 5 works with thes

  • Cafe Near the House

    Cafe Near the House

    I can emphasize the variety of works

  • Bridge


    There are crude colours and the sun

  • Virtual Model

    Virtual Model

    "Virtual model". oil on paper, 40 x 40 cm, 2015

  • Big Fruits

    Big Fruits

    oil on paper. 48 x 32 cm, 2014. 

  • Four Corners of the World

    Four Corners of the World

    Four corners of the world - size 9/ 5 / 8 cm size

  • Expecting the Wind

    Expecting the Wind

    Expecting the wind - paper, relief, canvas

  • Dunes


    oil on canvas

  • Early Snow. A Squirrel

    Early Snow. A Squirrel

    oil on canvas

  • Still Life with an Icon 

    Still Life with an Icon 

    oil on canvas

  • A Lady with a Red Dog 

    A Lady with a Red Dog 

    oil on canvas

  • Lilies


    Noble flowers

  • Tuscany Flashback 5

    Tuscany Flashback 5

    Tuscany landscape with a house

  • Autumn Paradise

    Autumn Paradise

    Autumn landscape with mountains

  • Winter Lights

    Winter Lights

    Night winter cityscape

  • Clouds


    Clouds at the sea

  • Zandam


    Holland landscape with water and windmills

  • Orange Tea

    Orange Tea

    Teapot with oranges

  • Apples and Grapes

    Apples and Grapes

    Teapot with apples and grapes

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Understanding Casual Mood in Art

Artists can be obsessed with drama, but that doesn’t mean that you need to hang up dramatic art in your home or office. If you want your space to feel more laid back and casual, then you are at the right place, because each artwork in this collection was crafted to unleash these feelings in you. Casual-theme artwork has relatively low contrast, a medium colour range, casual subject matter, and is carefully coordinated. If you can find a piece that has all of these elements, then you have what it takes to create a truly casual atmosphere.

Rule #1: Avoid High Contrast

High contrast usually defines dramatic artwork. The term contrast refers to the clear and apparent differences that exist between two dramatically different things. Think about an image that is only made of dark blacks and pure whites. The contrast between black and white is as steep as you could imagine. These colours are popular with filmmakers and photographers because the contrast creates drama, which is far from casual. So make sure that the different colours used in the piece aren’t too different.


Rule #2: Get A Nice Mix Of Colours

The casual-theme artwork is made by striking a nice balance between colours. If the image is pure black and pure white, then it can end up feeling fancy, formal, and cold. On the other end of the spectrum, if you go crazy with too many colours it will feel chaotic and exciting. Try and stay near the middle of the spectrum, with more muted than bright colours. A limited colour scheme is also a good idea, artwork created around one or two colours is less likely to grab too much attention.

Rule #3: A Casual Scene

Look for artwork that depicts casual imagery. What this means exactly is open to some interpretation. In most cases, scenes of high drama or images of royalty are about as far from casual as you can get. Look for something more down to earth, like images of everyday life.


Rule #4: Keep it Coordinated

If you’re shopping for art to fit into a pre-existing room, then you should try and make sure that the art you choose fits with the existing colour scheme. You might find a piece that looks very casual on its own but if its colours clash with the paint on the wall you hang it on then it’s going to draw negative attention. Being casual is all about going with the flow, and so the art you pick should fit into the flow that’s already going through your room of choice.

Casual Mood Art
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