Cool Mood Art

Make any room cool and arctic with original art from this vast array of contemporary art pieces of a cool feeling. Choose from oil paintings  to pencil drawings of some of the world's top living emerging artists. Buy an art from this collection and experience the winter wonderland in your everyday space. These original wall arts with colours on the cool side of the spectrum have been handpicked from our large pool of original wall art for your liken. Enjoy!

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Understanding Cool Mood in Art

When the sun is beating down on you outdoors, you need to have space indoors where you can relax and cool down. Cool art may not impact the environmental temperature of a room, but it can have a significant impact on you psychologically. To help you decorate your room with cool theme wall artworks, we’ve prepared a guide that goes deep into what you need to look for, to set a cool mood in any room in your home or office space.


Rule #1: Art with Colours on Cool Side of the Spectrum 

When striving to create a specific mood in your living room, bedroom,  boardroom or kid’s room, be careful about the colour combinations of the items you collect. For cool mood or feeling, look for wall art with colours on the cool side of the spectrum like dark green, dark blues, lush violets and steely greys. When the dominant colours in a piece are more bright and upbeat, you end up with a warm mood rather than cool mood. Dark blues and greens are a great way to go, but for a classic feel, black and white will usually serve you well. This doesn’t mean that cool theme art can’t have bright colours, but they should make up the details, adding variation to the overall colour scheme.

Rule #2: Cool Subject Matter

Art Subjects is essential to mood. Think carefully about what the art you choose should depict. Scenes of the desert and the sun aren’t likely to help you feel cool. Waterscape art subject is something to keep in mind when looking for cool art. You can also consider water in different forms, scenes of cloudy days can also work magnificently. The very sight of water has a way of making the body feel a little bit cooler. Scenes of streams, lakes, and oceans are prevalent for creating a cool feeling. You can also go in a different direction and look for abstract art. Art doesn’t need to depict anything. The colours, shapes, and brushwork can all call out to you and convey the message of cool without any recognizable subject.

How to Create a Space With Cool Feel 

When picking art for any room in your house - kids room, living room, kitchen space, dining room and bathroom, you always need to consider the size of the wall art, the wall colour and other decorations in the space. How you want the wall art to fit in space together with other decorations is just as important as buying the right original art. Wall artwork that looks cool on its own can lose some of its impacts when placed in a space where it doesn’t fit. If your room is painted bright pink, then a black and white image might create a clash that negates the cool factor and just confuses visitors. Think of art as an accessory for the room, it should be cool on its own, but it also needs to look cool alongside the rest of the ensemble.

Cool Mood Art
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