Earthy Mood Art

It is easy to recreate an earthy feeling in your space with the right works of art. The modern contemporary art in this collection features colour combinations and art subjects of the earthy feel - colours like brown found on trees, dried leaves, earth soil; green for plants; and blue for water and sky. An original piece of art like acrylic painting also has the organic feel created by the swirling and pooling of the artist's paintbrush.

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  • Landscape with Garbage

    Landscape with Garbage

    An original piece from the series “Landscape

  • Solar System

    Solar System

    It is a work that drew inspired from the solar sys

  • Evening of Ambient

    Evening of Ambient

    It is a work depicting the time of mild evening.&n

  • Symbiosis


    A lot of various creatures in harmony, drew to ima

  • Sunny


    Original oil painting on canvas Bring warmness

  • Light


    ``light`` i was inspired for this oil on canv

  • Melt Away

    Melt Away

    Strong snow patterns in ploughed farmers field cre

  • Going There

    Going There

    Backroad leading to somewhere unknown.

  • Over the Hill

    Over the Hill

    Uphill country dirt road with remnants of snow and

  • Breaking Through

    Breaking Through

    Winter stream flowing through snow covered fields.

  • First Light

    First Light

    Early morning sunlight shining on the snow covered

  • Illumination


    Bright morning light shinning on a white country h

  • Tree


    Tree is the obvious symbol of life, firmness, assu

  • Sail


    We believe the sky can’t be yellow, but I think

  • Agave


    Oil and pencil on paper. 48 x 32 cm ,(18.9 x 12.6

  • Four Corners of the World

    Four Corners of the World

    Four corners of the world - size 9/ 5 / 8 cm size

  • Early Snow. A Squirrel

    Early Snow. A Squirrel

    oil on canvas

  • Tuscany Flashback 5

    Tuscany Flashback 5

    Tuscany landscape with a house

  • Irises


    Two irises

  • Fantasy still Life

    Fantasy still Life

    oil on canvas

  • Feeding of the Birds

    Feeding of the Birds

    oil on canvas

  • Spring Girl

    Spring Girl

    oil on canvas

  • Spill of the River Don

    Spill of the River Don

    oil on canvas

  • Winter river

    Winter river

    oil on canvas

  • Chelsea Market Water Valve

    Chelsea Market Water Valve

    I found this old water valve at the Chelsea Market

  • Dave


    This is an abstract piece consisting of thick line


Earthy Mood Art

The world is becoming increasingly artificial as society moves from our rural roots to urban living. So it only makes sense that people are trying to recapture the past by adding earthy touches to homes and businesses. If you want to create a space that feels earthy, then you need to find the perfect art to set the mood. In an artificial world, an original piece of artwork created by human hands might be just the thing to bring you down to earth and keep you in touch with the organic nature of all life on earth.

Earthy Colours

Look for contemporary art with colour combinations that are commonly found in the natural world. Browns, greens, and blues are the way to go. Brown for the earth, green for the plants, and blue for the water. Combine these three, and you have the entirety of the earth in three colours. Colourful details can also work, but you should make sure that they aren’t too bright and unnatural. A pure pigment that hasn’t been mixed with any other colour has a very artificial feeling, and therefore it should be avoided if you want to create an earthy mood.

Natural Textures

One aspect of art that gets overlooked all too often is texture. The texture is the physical feeling of the art. One reason for this is the fact that so much modern art has no texture. When art is captured on film or translated into digital ones and zeros, then it gets completely smoothed out. Even if a photo looks like it has a texture from afar, you’ll find that if you end up touching it, you feel nothing but a smooth surface. One of the great things about buying an original painting is that you get an organic texture. The way the paint pools and swirls creates an organic feel that no reproduction can truly capture. So if you want to find earthy art, then you need to look at original work

Depictions Of The Earth

Look for art that depicts mother nature in all of her glory. Close up images of plants, dramatic landscapes, and even abstract imagery that is built around organic textures all help to create an earthy feel. The more artificial the images depicted in the scene are, the less earthy they will feel, so try and avoid images of buildings, machinery, and other manmade objects. Of course, if you feel drawn to the image of a cosy cottage nestled in between a forest of greenery then you shouldn’t get hung up on the human-made nature of the cottage. Sometimes artificial elements can help to emphasize the nature around them, but the natural world should ultimately define the scene depicted in the art.


Earthy Mood Art
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