Fun Mood Art

Bring the joyful and fun feeling your everyday spaces - office, living room, bedroom, shared office space, and foyer with a piece of fun themed artwork from this collection. Fun is typically in motion just kids running and jumping around. A painting on the wall may not move physically, but artists put fund feelings using a variety of artistic techniques like the movement of the paintbrush on the canvas or fine art paper, the colour combinations and the subject matter in the piece of art

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  • Snacks


    Chayote, Wicker Basket with a Red Merlot, and some

  • Late 90's Boss Fight

    Late 90's Boss Fight

    Where to go and what to do?

  • Good Morning

    Good Morning

    Early morning in San Fransisco.

  • Pearls


    Pearls. Oil,  fabric, glass beads on car

  • Emilie Floege

    Emilie Floege

    Emilie Floege acrylic painting on canvas by Rachel

  • Adele Bloch-Bauer

    Adele Bloch-Bauer

    Adele Bloch-Bauer acrylic painting on 24x30 canvas

  • Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves

    It drew a state of fiery red autumn leaves. m

  • Inside


    ``inside`` Oil on canvas 23.5-34inch 

  • Matryoshka


    from the series "Abandoned rooms", oil on canvas.

  • The Setting Sun

    The Setting Sun

    This painting is a naive style depiction of coasta

  • Pollock's Way of Love

    Pollock's Way of Love

    Acrylic, Ink, Gesso and Silverpoint on Canvas.

  • Nude


    Woman is a symbol of peace, kindness, love and bea

  • In the Plein Air

    In the Plein Air

    oil on canvas

  • Orange Tea

    Orange Tea

    Teapot with oranges

  • Full Moon

    Full Moon

    Oil on canvas

  • Want


    This continues in my work on mental illness and ta

  • Stop it

    Stop it

    This goes with my ongoing work on mental illness

  • Dave


    This is an abstract piece consisting of thick line


The Fun Mood Art

Most people who think about art tend to imagine the rather serious and stuffy world of fine art galleries and museums, but the truth is that art can capture any emotion. There is some incredibly fun artwork out there, so if you want to make sure that your space is as lighthearted and entertaining as possible, then you should bring out that mood with some fun art.

Bright Colours

The quickest way to find fun art is by honing in on art that is designed around bright colours. Red, yellow, pink, and orange are all considered very fun colours, which is why they are used so often in artwork for children. The brighter a colour is, the more energy it seems to have, so try and put aside the blacks and dark blues and look on the bright side of life.

A Sense Of Humor

FIne art is known for grave subjects. Go down to your local museum, and you’re likely to see plenty of images of famous people, still landscapes, and bowls of fruit. But art can depict the fun and funny subject matters. Art doesn’t have to be cartoony to have some sarcasm and irony that will bring a smile to your face when you look at it. Check out art that depicts subject matter that isn’t so serious, or approaches serious subjects with a sense of humour. These approaches to the subject matter will help to create a fun atmosphere.

Energetic Shapes

Fun is typically in motion. Kids look like they’re having fun when they are running and jumping around. A painting on the wall may not be able to move physically, but motion can still be captured using a variety of artistic techniques. Consider how the artist moves their brush. Photo-realistic imagery tends to feel pretty static because it is created using particular applications of the paint. Also, large solid spaces seem static, think about how the paint on your wall feels motionless and characterless. Fun paintings tend to feature energetic elements that make it feel like it’s moving even when it’s sitting still.

Creating A Fun Space

A piece of art can look fun on its own but lose some of its appeals when placed in the wrong space, so make sure that you properly display your art to bring out its fun. The dark tends to dampen the mood so let the light shine in, especially on the art itself. Also, try and display the art alongside other colourful pieces of artwork and objects to create an overall atmosphere of fun. Overall you should try and follow your sense of fun. Don’t feel like you need to conform to someone else’s idea of fun, fine art that is fun for you.

Fun Mood Art
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