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    Fantasy face

    Fantasy face

    Excelent condition and Certificate registry.

    Regular Price: $230.00

    Special Price $185.00

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    This diptych was inspired by sculpted branches on

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    Kimono - Inspired by a Japanese garment

    Kimono - Inspired by a Japanese garment

    Loosely based on the concept of the Japanese kimon

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    Spirit - Modern Dream Catcher

    Spirit - Modern Dream Catcher

    This painting is inspired by Indian dreamcatchers.

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    Harmony - A Floral Abstraction

    Harmony - A Floral Abstraction

    This diptych is made up of two irregular shaped ca

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    Unique piece created for artista, and Certificate.

    Regular Price: $2,600.00

    Special Price $2,200.00

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    from the series "Abandoned rooms", oil on canvas.

  • Primary


    ink acrylics on canvas delivered with certificatio

  • Harvest Time

    Harvest Time

    Old barns and buildings in an autumn farm setting.

  • The Shallows

    The Shallows

    Where the heavy rocks meet the shoreline on Georgi

  • Melt Away

    Melt Away

    Strong snow patterns in ploughed farmers field cre

  • Early Morning

    Early Morning

    Morning light on a snow field filled with branches

  • Ghost Mill

    Ghost Mill

    An old weathered mill perfectly blending into a wi

  • Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze

    Late afternoon light shining on a half snowy field

  • March Thaw

    March Thaw

    An interesting pattern of old dead trees and snow

  • Northern Thames

    Northern Thames

    Thames river is calmly meandering through the coun

  • Going There

    Going There

    Backroad leading to somewhere unknown.

  • Rains End

    Rains End

    Reflective puddles left behind after a heavy rain.

  • Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom

    Maitland river flowing around worn down rocks.

  • Lion


    Painted on gesso board, required framing

  • Still Life with a Bottle

    Still Life with a Bottle

    Still Life with a Bottle, Watercolor, paper

  • Reflection


    The tree symbolizes a man and his development.

  • Nude


    Woman is a symbol of peace, kindness, love and bea

  • Blue Sun

    Blue Sun

    oil on canvas

  • Imaginary Map of New York

    Imaginary Map of New York

    From the series “The earth seen from the spa

  • Blessing


    Relief of paper mounted on canvas.

  • Girl


    Girls portraiture

  • Christmas still Life

    Christmas still Life

  • Autumn Girl

    Autumn Girl

  • A Day in May

    A Day in May

  • Spring Girl

    Spring Girl

  • Motherhood


  • Militiaman


  • Full Moon

    Full Moon

    Oil on canvas

  • Colorful Autumn

    Colorful Autumn

    In this painting, I tried to capture the beauty of

  • Calabernardo Sea Museum

    Calabernardo Sea Museum

    Calabernardo sea museum painted on the location by

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