Whimsical Mood Art

This handpicked collection of handcrafted pieces of art prints tells it all. They are carefully selected to symbolise your fanciful or playful mood humorously. These artworks will perfectly fit the extravagant colours of your walls and boost up your imaginative lifestyle. With prices as low as $135, you can now bring your whimsical mood home. Together with our curatorial panel, these unique art pieces have been carefully selected to complement a whimsy mood in your space.

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Whimsical Mood Art

Art can be serious, but it doesn’t have to be. The world around us can be more than a bit depressing, so it helps to have art that can transport us to a world of pure imagination. This is why whimsical art is so popular. Whimsy is defined by a sense of humour and a taste of the fantastic. If you want to create a space that feels fun and inviting, then you should invest in whimsical art. To help you do just this, we’re going to look at just what infuses art with a sense of whimsy.

Bright Colours

Colours that are unnaturally bright are a quick way to establish a sense of whimsy. Reds, yellows, pinks, and oranges are commonly used in whimsical art because they are upbeat, energetic, and positive. It’s even better if these colours are used in ways that defy our natural expectations, which is why human beings are often painted using these colours in whimsical pieces even if no one in real life has naturally pink hair.

Looking Beyond Nature

While there is whimsy in the natural world, it’s safe to say that the biggest source of true whimsy is the human imagination. Which is why it’s worth looking beyond scenes that realistically depict the world around you. Try and look for art that seems to be drawn from the imagination, with surreal imagery, unnatural colours, and a general sense that it depicts a somewhat dream-like world.

Humorous Imagery

Artists who paint in a whimsical style often do so to make people smile. They might do this by painting happy scenes, but there is often a sense of humour that goes along with the approach. Whimsical paintings often come from a humorous perspective, presenting viewers with surprising and unexpected imagery that will make viewers smile or even laugh. This is why so many humorous cartoons and comics have art that is described as whimsical; the feelings are closely tied together in our minds.

Creating A Whimsical Space

When shopping for art, it’s important to keep in mind that eventually, the art will have to exist alongside the other design elements in a room. You can create a very whimsical feeling by creating a surprising sense of contrast. A room that is mostly grey but has a few bright and whimsical elements can create a humorous contrast, generating a mood that is even stronger than a room that is consistently colourful and whimsical. So don’t just think about the art in front of you, consider how it will interact with the space it is hung up in.

Whimsical Mood Art
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