Quebec, Canada




The Canadian artist Cristina Stefan has expressed her emotions through painting from an early age. Her work is characterized by an intense color palette as varied as the choice of her subjects. Timeless but contemporary, they show that the artist has mastered her art through continuous experiments. After courses in Bucharest, Montreal and Saint-Lambert, the artist explored various techniques to best express her vision and feelings of the moment. Each creation reflects her vibrant, sensitive and optimistic personality and confirms the talent of this multi-disciplinary artist interested in painting, working with silk, stained glass, photography, design, etc. Passionate about art and creation, the artist Cristina Stefan charms with the intuitiveness with which she carries out her creations. Her works, with their vibrant colors, speed of execution and the evident mastery of the techniques used, suggest the temperament of fire and positive living. The multiplicity of processes confirms that the artist is constantly pushing the limits of creativity and is continuously seeking to renew herself.As an artist, my desires are to create, to imagine, to express myself and share my creations with art lovers like you.

Blue Abstracts

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