General Artwork Listing Guidelines

All artworks listed on Artailer must comply with the Artailer Prohibited Artworks Policy at all times. Accurate data is important for searchability and sales on Artailer. All your artwork listings on should have complete and accurate details.

  • The images of artwork listings must be original and of high professional quality
  • The digital image uploaded on must represent the exact image of the actual artwork. The colours, tone and accent of the image should not be manipulated with any image editing software
  • Each artwork listing must provide: title, medium, category, styles, subjects, edition quantity, measurements, price, and description
  • The use of false, inaccurate, or misleading artwork information, including, but not limited to; name, description, size, category, medium, style and subject, in an artwork listing is prohibited.
  • All artwork listings must be linked to the appropriate shipping table in your account.
  • Creating multiple artwork listings for a single artwork is prohibited.

Artwork listings must follow these standards:

  • The description of the artwork listing must be a minimum of 100 words, and provide as much information as possible, highlighting the features and benefits of the artwork.
  • Details such as title, dimensions, the material used, and price, should be completed in the appropriate fields.
  • The artwork description must not contain the seller’s name, logo, email address, or other contact details.
  • The listing must be accurately titled, tagged with the right medium, category, styles and subjects.

Artwork images must follow these standards:

  • All images must be clear, high resolution and a minimum of 1500 pixels in size.
  • Images cannot contain watermarks, logos, or landmarks.
  • Each listing must have at least one image representing the artwork by itself with no background.
  • The price of the artwork listed on Artailer should not be greater than the price of the same artwork sold on the seller’s site or any other online sales channel controlled by the vendor.
  • The seller must keep the stock quantity of the artwork listings on accurate and up-to-date at all times.
  • Sellers must complete and assign the Shipping Rate Table with the correct shipping rates to the artwork listing. The shipping rates should not exceed the industry-standard rates.
  • Sellers must specify accurate lead times to ship the artwork and not falsely advertise fast processing times to drive purchases. Processing times refer to whole calendar days, not business days.


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