Understanding the Basics of Artwork Shipping 

How you choose to ship your artwork can negatively affect not only your profits but also the buyer experience. Professionalism in ensuring that your work is well packaged and transported is, therefore, essential; also, of course, to protecting it from getting damaged in transit.

The packaging and shipping process should always be planned and executed with care. Often, not only has the buyer invested financially but, just like the artist, they have an emotional investment too.

As an online seller, developing a professional system for packaging and shipping will ultimately save time, ensure safe deliveries and result in a positive customer experience.

When you are designing your shipping system, remember that most major couriers such as FedEx, UPS, Canada Post and USPS, have specific packaging documentation and service requirements for the transport of fine artwork. So, as a minimum requirement, you will need to incorporate at least the information below as part of your shipping strategy:-

  • Your preferred courier and shipping service
  • Your preferred shipping destinations
  • The measurements and weight of the packaged artwork
  • All the necessary forms including those for shipping abroad