Minimum Number of Art Listings per Shop


Artailer does not put a limit on the number of artworks you can have in your shop on Artailer. Art buyers and collectors, love to have options to choose from. Our advice to artists is to keep a minimum of 10 artworks to on your shop at any given point in time. This tells collectors and art lovers, that you are not a hobbyist but a professional artist.

Haven many artworks on your shop also help to showcase your talent and expertise.  Collectors and art lovers love to see varieties, and they will like to visit your shop if they have options to choose from.

Our goal is to feature artists who are serious about their art career and passionate about inspiring the world with their creativity. Artists who are focused on creating artworks day-in-day-out to upload on their shop because their shop on Artailer have no limit nor cost a dime to have the artworks on it.

Empty shops are automatically deactivated