How to Upload Artwork

There are three different ways upload artwork listings to your Artailer shop.

  • List art individually (recommended when you are starting out),
  • Duplicate existing listings
  • Mass artwork upload (recommended if you have a high number of artworks to upload to your shop).

List Art Individually

We advise that you master and use this method before moving on to using the other two listed methods below. It may be the most time consuming, but you will get a better understanding of how your art listings are categorised and optimised on, once you master this method.

  1. Scroll over to the MARKETPLACE section
  2. Click on the NEW PRODUCT tab.
    Note: All the fields with asterisk [*] are required
  3. Start by selecting the Medium and Categories, subjects, styles, framed option and orientation;
  4. Also, enter the title, description, SKU, price, and dimension; and upload the image (including secondary images of the listing, if available).
    Learn how to complete each of these fields
  5. Click the save button at the top of page once done

Duplicate Existing Listing

You can create new listings by merely duplicating your existing listings. This method is the most straightforward way of listings new artworks to your shop.

  1. Go to MY PRODUCT LIST, Click on the Edit icon [] under the Action column for the product you wish to duplicate.
  2. Next, click the DUPLICATE button at the top of the page.

duplicate product listing

  1. Enter the SKU and other details, like the title, image, colours etc.
  2. Click the SAVE button once done.

Mass Artwork Upload

You may have a high number of artworks, and may not have the time to go through the process of uploading them one after the other. With mass artwork upload, you can literally upload, tens to hundreds of artworks to your shop within minutes

  1. Create Data Flow Profile: Click MASS UPLOAD DATAFLOW PROFILE,
    1. Enter the name of the profile
    2. Select ‘Upload Art‘ from the attribute set drop-down.
    3. Next, click the SAVE PROFILE button.create profile
  2. Add Mapping to the Profile:
    1. Mapping allows you to change the names of the columns on the Spreadsheet Template. In the meantime, you can only generate the Sample Simple XLS File template. These are the attribute items you can change.edit mapping add product mapping
  3. Download the Sample XML file: Click on MASS UPLOAD PRODUCT,
    1. Select Sample Simple XLS File from the drop-down
    2. Next, click the DOWNLOAD SAMPLE button.
  4. Update the Template and Image
    1. Update the Spreadsheet with the content of products you wish to upload to your ship. Make sure to enter the information properly. Follow sample listing on row two of the .xls template
    2. The exact file names, including extensions of the artwork images, should be entered in the image column on the spreadsheet template
    3. save the image file as a zip.
  5. Upload the XML file and Zip Folder:
    1. Upload your updated XLS and the image Zip files, and click the UPLOAD button.
    2. Wait for the success message of the uploaded files.
    3. The system will create a profile by combining the content in the Spreadsheet and the Zip file
  6. Run the Profile to upload the content to your shop.
    1. Scroll down to the RUN PROFILE section.
    2. Select the .xls profile from the drop-down and click the RUN button, to upload the content of the file to your shop.
    3. Close the page when the run is completerun the profile - upload artwork